Stuff to make you Smile

Smiley Saturday time


Smiley Saturday is brought to you by Lightening Online and the letter C. For “Cool!”

That would be because there have been lots of cool things happening this week in this house.

  • Like Mr 3 jumping and splashing in the pool with his swim buddy, G, and giving me great big wet hugs and telling me “I love you, Mum” before jumping right back in. Who can resist a kid like that??
  • Like Mr 6 getting 100% in his spelling test again this week. And being really proud of it.
  • Like giving Widdleshamrock and friends something to smile about for a couple of hours (days?….weeks???) Who knew a bath could do that for you? 😉
  • Like seeing another small turning point in some of the hard stuff in life and knowing you are on the way back.
  • Like finding a cool wooden word to decorate. And I will share when it is done as requested 🙂
  • Like taking part in a Cyber Crop at Scrapbook Essentials – and managing to chat AND work on some projects! And being amazed at the girls that took part in the “Hour to make” challenge. Sheesh those girls are AMAZING!!
  • Like seeing love and support being shared among friends that need it.
  • And like getting ready for a 4 year old’s birthday party. Yes, Mr 3 will become Mr 4 tomorrow. And for the first time I’m doing a non-themed party. It’s all about the fun and the friends and the cake. Gotta have the cake!! 😆

Well, that’s my smiley week. Now, gotta go and get some more of those party supplies.


12 thoughts on “Smiley Saturday time

  1. Happy Birthday to Mr 4! Well, that will take some getting used to when you’re writing on the blog, no? 🙂

    The cyber crop was fun – it was good to have you there. I enjoyed chatting with you!

    And I have to say, I am loving your Smiley Saturdays! 🙂

  2. lots of things to be smiley about. Have fun with the party today and I look forward to catching up for coffee and handing you your cj Monday at 10. Happy Birthday Mr 4.!!!! I can’t wait to see your cool word.

  3. so much coolness… and especially that wooden word.. can’t wait to see how that turns out (I am a wanna be paper scrapper and hybrid scrapper but I can’t rule a straight line even with a ruler so I am sticking to digi for now and just drooling from afar) Happy Smiley Sarurday

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