Birthday Boy!

Thank you to everyone that sent birthday wishes to the newly Mr 4. He had a fab time. His older and supposedly wiser older brother still has a few issues to work through. Like: “It’s not all about Mr 4!!” and stomping off in tears and howls of protest as he discovers someone has kindly sent the exact thing Mr 6 has always wanted.. Um… firstly, yes indeed, the day was all about Mr 4 – and secondly you might be lucky enough to make it to your 7th birthday and drop hints. Might be lucky enough would be the operative phrase.


Anyway… the fun stuff.


Mr 4 had the choice of a train cake or a number 4 cake (both out of the Australian Womans Weekly cake book). In the end, he went for the train. Fine. Worked out what I needed to get and having decided I was not going to bake the cake myself (sponge cake from Countdown) all I needed to do was collect the neccessary items from the cake decorating shop in town. So off me and the Mr’s headed on Saturday morning. To discover the decorating shop had closed down. Ummmmm…. stunned mullet! 😯

We recovered and managed to make do and come up with items to use at the supermarket: phew.

Next, the request had been put in for a red train. So I couldn’t use the proper food colouring I hadn’t been able to get so I got stuck with the Hansells. And a lovely, pastel shade of PINK! Not quite what me or the Mr had in mind. I added some blue – and we got a purple train. “It’s OK Mum, I like purple” Good on you Mr, you’ll see in your next birthday 🙂

Cake is made and put away for the night. Roll on the actual day.

Opening the family presents over morning tea, and enjoying having Uncle D there to make a bit of a fuss too. Seriously enjoying the envious tantrums and meltdowns of the older Mr…… NOT!!  Oh man!


And on to the party. I’ve schooled myself on the benefits of having so many people not at my house after a few years. The fact we have a really good community centre is a god-send. But it’s just hard waiting for your guests to arrive….


Those masks were fun to make – we had those instead of party hats. One small tip: try to keep fingers out of kazillion degree hot glue. That hurts a tad!

But once the party guests arrived, we turned the party on its head and had the food and cake first. Hubby had a band commitment and he would have missed the candles and the song and the cake otherwise. So it was fun – and all the candles were blown out in style.


Once the clean up was completed and we all went home, happy but tired, it just left one last thing for Hubby to do. Put up the swing set. This was the big thing that Mr 4 had been asking for for some time. We got one swing on it before ourpartied out minds said “enough!”


Mr 4 told me in bed that night that he had had a really good day. Have you clicked he is a wee bit of a charmer yet??!

The final excitement was nothing to do with birthdays. We had to say farewell to the visiting Uncle D. Or, “My Uncle” according to Mr 4. Mr 6 was disappointed not to be able to come out to the airport as well, but he got an afterschool playdate out of it so that was OK. We picked up Hubby on the way through town and escorted Uncle D to the airport for one final round of lattes and cappucinos. Would love to think it won’t be long before we see some or all of the US contingent again, but the truth is, it will be a while.

So hopefully Uncle D is safely back in Memphis – and his ears are no longer ringing from the early morning sounds from the Mr’s.


13 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. The cake looks awesome! Well done on improvising!
    It sounds like Mr 4 had a great day. And yes he does sound like a wee charmer, and that will get him a long way in life!

  2. I loved hearing about this yesterday but the funniest thing was reading about it all today with the side comments about Mr 6. Wow at those masks Kel, they are awesome. That train wow weeeee you take the cake for number one mum. Oh I know a bad pun.

  3. I love the purple train cake!!! Looks awesome, and what a relief that Mr 4 was so forgiving of not getting a red one! You do need red powdered food colouring to make red icing. I’m glad I knew that before attempting a Spiderman cake a couple of years ago … a pink (or purple) Spiderman would NOT have gone down well!
    Oh, and I can completely empathise with you having to deal with Mr 6’s meltdowns because of jealousy and things not being “fair”. This is the problem with boys who are 2 years apart! I envisage similar things coming from the mouth of my Mr 6 when my Mr 3 turns 4 in September!

  4. What a right wee charmer you have on your hands – he knows just the right thing to say – and it comes to him naturally – you lucky mum you!!! Your purple train is great!!
    I get the jealousy bits still btw Mr 10 and Miss 8 – but now they are at different schools and can have different days off I get “Why do I have to go to school when he doesn’t?” :O)

  5. Memphis, eh??? I guess I didn’t realize you had relations in the US, Kelly!

    The cake looks soooooooooooo great! I envy you guys that can do it for each birthday. I can only manage my double layered round ones lol. Too much effort and things have to be ‘perfect’ so I just go for what I know lol. I guess that jealousy stuff will always be around. I don’t reckon it ever leaves lol. Sounds like Mr. 4 had an awesome day and his mum did quite awesome too 😉

  6. Hi Kelly, glad you had fun at the Cyber Crop. I got zilch done, was too busy setting challenges :o) The fonts I used for my poster were SP Love ya like a sis (the scripty one), SP Spence (the Tonight word) and the title was made from the new promise collection free digi kit over at If you email me at megan***** I am happy to send you the other two fonts.

  7. The cake looks awesome – and not too purpley either! And the masks are very cool – I’m sure it was worth the burnt fingers! Especially for such a charming Mr 4.

  8. Sounds like he had a really good birthday. The cake looks great – I have the same book and have done quite a few out of it over the years. (Now they do their own).

  9. Awesome cake and awesome party! A huge belated happy birthday Mr 4. I did have to laugh as well about your little side comments about Mr 6. That pic of Mr 4 waiting for his party guests is classic!

  10. That cake is the maddest!

    Mr. 4 is such a lucky boy. Poor Mr. 6. 😦

    It must suck being a kid and seeing all the attention go to someone else.

  11. Wow, you rock at cake making….I have to rustle up an Iggle Piggle cake next month and I am sweating it already 😦
    Awesome birthday party! I still get the sibling jealousy from Miss almost 10, who has to wait for three birthdays before hers 😉
    Soz, are you American then?

    🙂 No – very much kiwi through and through… a mainlander even with just the one eye! 😉
    It’s the “outlaws”… Hubby has 2 out of 5 brothers living in the States. They are now real Americans: they’ve just all gone and got citizenship (they’ve been there a fair while.)

  12. WOW kelly, the cake looks good, too cute I tired to make a green racing cake for moo and it too sort of ended out pastel 🙂 I seem to remember being told when I was naughty someting about not making my next birthday either LOL funny how these things go around 🙂

    I love the masks, the look great, sorry I laughed about your fingers tho, I so know that feeling …..

  13. Hahaha, you clever Martha Stewart Mom you !!!!!

    Looks fantastic. And you know I am a widdle bit in love with your boys.

    You can see the family likeness too !!!

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