Practise, practise, practise!

web 2

Better, I think.

But wait. There’s more!

Sweet web

Mr 5 has had 2 textures, a clipping mask, brush, word art and a frame applied. Yeah, ok, so this one might have gone a little over the top with pretty much everything except the kitchen sink thrown at it, but it is so much fun to do! For printing, I think I’d do away with the frame on this one and just re-jig the size of the brush.

Playing Digi Style

This week Jessica Sprague has been running a free digital course to show how to manipulate photos. Having had a go at digi-scrapping, I was feeling a little let down with my Photoshop abilities to actually have good photos to use. This course is a basic one, but she is teaching us So.Many.Seriously.Cool techniques. I’ve done just a couple of photos from earlier in the year, and I’m impressed.

Of course, it goes without saying I still need to learn to take better photos to begin with (actually, I’m almost certain I just need a great camera…. *wink*).

So here is an example after Day 3’s lesson. I’ve applied a frame, created a vintage tint and tried a little hand tinting.


Web ice cream



Personally, I’d probably apply a little more tinting to Mr 8’s eyes before I get this printed. I definitely wanted a natural, vintage look; but his eyes are so blue, I think it could stand a little more “popping”. What do you think?