Oh where oh where has my mojo gone?

There a serious mojo drought happening around these parts. Do you know I’ve not actually finished one complete layout yet this year??!! I know….. and I call myself a scrapbooker! 😯 Think I might be turning my id card in any day.

It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one suffering the affliction… several cyber buddies seem to have similar issues. So instead of looking guiltily at the layout that just needs a bit of something to finish it off, I decided it was time to do my homework from the 2Peas PSE class for February. The lesson was specifically learning about using the shape tool – and I think I got it. The strips and the photo shape are the shapes I used. I piked out of doing the 1/4 circle thing that she showed us in the tutorial. My excuse was the kit I was using had a cute butterfly that I just wanted to use.


So in handing in this assignment, I earned my first official badge over at 2Peas. I forgot to tick the box on the January one so it didn’t show up. Darn!!

Layout details: Shabby Princess “Promise” Collection, swirl by Sunflowers, fonts are Cafe Rojo and Vintage type.

Now that wee bit or creativity has been done, I better get back to the list of UFOs I’ve got gathering dust. There was a time when I wouldn’t actually do something else until I had the first one done… And that is really quite a good rule of thumb. Except when you have a really bright idea that you just have to do.

Um, yeah, not willing to hand back the title of World’s Best Procrastinator I see!😆