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December Daily – Version 2K16

Hello, hello, hello!! I hope you are all enjoying the first little bit of the New Year. I would be fibbing completely if I said that I wasn’t wishing Summer had installed completely here in Welly… cooler temperatures, wind and grey, damp days are definitely not my idea of Summer time!

One thing the slightly dismal start to January allowed me to do is finish my December Daily style album. I am sure this is only the second of these particular project albums I have completed. I say completed – but I do have to confess – I need to do a cover page and a teeny tiny bit of stamping on some labels for a page or two. Apart from those final tweeks – this album is done and on the shelf!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the album as it was half done…. I need to finish editing (read: dealing with the grey light) of the photos I’ve taken and I’ll be back soon to share some of the completed pages.


I like how the album is looking like it will be nicely filled – and not over-stuffed.


Something made me do a tag for the album – as a book mark, or a swinging tag to hang over the spine…. or….


Love the peeks of texture from the otherwise clean lines of this lovely album.


See you soon – feel free to link me up with some of your crafty activities over the Christmas break.


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