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Another mini album project still on the go…. December Daily

So a while back, I shared some of the early pages I was working on to complete my December Daily album. This is a mini album capturing stories about our December – for us, that is the school wind down, prepping for Christmas and prepping for our summer.

Truthfully, I haven’t really done much more on it as I keep up with the 2016 edition of Project Life, catch up the 2015 edition (using the recently released PL app on my phone), create my 12×12 pages – and most recently, get the photos and stories together for Week in the Life.

Oh, and ensure the family is fed, have clean clothes to wear, work a nearly full-time job and occasionally clean the house!!

I had a day off work yesterday (the youngest needed a day off school) so I made the most of it and began working on the photos I wanted to lead each day in my Week in the Life project. Having organised those, I didn’t want to continue…. I still want to let some of the format percolate for a little longer. But I did still want to stay working on some craft. On my desk, waiting for me to come back to it is my little Daily December album.

And seeing photoshop was already open, well, it seemed unkind to not work on those photos.  I have a wonderful new printer for home printing photos as well (thanks to my beloved HP 7150 going kaput the other day, I now have a Canon Pixma).

Here are a couple of the photos I got printed and into the album….

DD 1 - Railway 6x4
Wellington Railway Station – all dressed up for Christmas


DD 2 - no santa
An empty Santa chair – the screenagers refuse point blank to indulge their mother


DD 6 - wreath 4x4
Our wreath gets pride of place at the entrance to the new house


Still a while before I get this album done and dusted…. but it is coming together! Be sure to link me up with some of your unfinished or work in progress projects (that way, I won’t feel so alone!! LOL)


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