Week in the life – starting the album

The last seven days I’ve taken photos, jotted notes – all in the hopes of actually completing a memory keeping project I’ve wanted to take part in for several years. Previously, I’ve started off by taking photos here and there…. and fairly quickly run out of steam. This year, with my “renew” lens on, one of the things I’ve really been working on is dealing with the memory keeping projects I’ve been wanting to do. So this year, I planned to take part in the full Ali Edwards experience, bought the kit, dipped into the WITL facebook group, and let the family know that this week would see cameras pointed regularly.

From a photo taking perspective, it’s been great – I’ve taken photos every day – right through the seven days. Today is the last day of the photos being a focus. From here on in, it’s about reviewing the photos, and bringing the stories that go with the photos together. A number of the participants, including several friends also doing the project, complete a blog each night and start to bring photos and stories together on their blog. My family has asked me to limit the times they appear in my social media, so with that in mind, I chose not to blog throughout the event. Instead, I took a few notes here and there…. and some of the photos were taken during specific activities, so overall, the project should still hang together.

One thing that will prevent it is my well known tendency for procrastination – something I am incredibly awesome and skilled at! It would be all too easy for the photos I’ve taken to stay on my hard drive – or in the cloud, and never be printed. I am one of a number of people that take a LOT of photos. I do my best to get some of them printed and into an album with a few words. I want to be more focussed in my intent on this specific project – it was a good week to capture our stories, as it is a mix of the routine and some event based stuff. The overall aim is to capture a detailed look of what our life looks like now…. and see what it looks like at some future point in time. With that in mind, I really want to ensure that I complete this week and have it documented in an album. So, what better way than to spend tonight looking at a few photos and getting started!

Monday intro

I was thrilled to be up with the curtains open and spot the end of a pretty sunrise. Definitely a great way to herald a grand start!

Wish me luck getting to the end of a fully completed project!


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