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Southern Girls Challenge # 132: Patterned Paper

Honestly, it’s like the team thought this challenge up for me – I have SO MUCH PATTERNED PAPER! I do best to “shop my stash” – because, as my husband keeps saying, I have enough to stock a small shop!! But every now and again, I get tempted by new designs – or bargains!!

This challenge sees me using reasonably recent papers, as it was the bargain element that sucked me right in!! I haven’t subscribed to Studio Calico for nearly three years, but they had a great bargain last month, and even with the lousy exchange rate and postage, it was actually worth while. Yeah, the sale was THAT good!! So this challenge uses a selection of goodies that come from a mix of kits I got in this shipment: Brimfield, Wink Wink, LOL, and maybe another one.

I started off with the photo I wanted to work with. I tend to start with photos always and then find papers that work with the photo. By work with the photo, I don’t always mean the colour – something that feels right to me – evokes the emotion, or feeling, or reflects the time the photo was taken.

Because my photo was taken while we were on a break over the long weekend, and the boys were basically spending the hot summery days in the pool, I wanted the blues of the water, and warm yellows or oranges to remind me of the hot summer we had.

And so – these papers were selected:

132 paper stack


From there, I decide what my background is. Sometimes, I’ll use plain cardstock and do something with it like mist, or stamps, or texture paste. However, this time, I was going to the blue cross-hatched paper – and because it is quite a busy pattern, I decided to just ignore my mists and inks!

I tend to use the rule of thirds most often – placing items on one of the imaginary lines running up or across the page, kind of like a noughts and crosses board. And depending on how many photos I use, there’s a strip usually cut around 3.5 inches – or thereabouts. This time, I knew I wanted to use the star printed overlay – so cut that a bit wider than the first strip. From there, I start putting paper and the photo together in a bit of a plan…..

136 - paper first


Nothing is stuck down yet – and just as well, as there was something about this grouping that just didn’t sit right. I think it was the fact the frame I wanted to use pulled everything slightly more right, and competed a little with the vertical, grounding strip I wanted to use on the left. That was easily enough fixed…….

132 - paper done

Ahh! This looks better to my eye – more balances. All I’ve done is shift the horizontal elements slightly more left. And this is good, as I knew where I wanted to place my title, and knew I had enough room for a journalling spot. Here’s a tip – see that yellow paper with the white + symbol? That isn’t actually wider than the six inches of the photo – it was actually a piece only about 3.5 inches wide – a bit of an offcut of the tapestry paper (the yellow + is the reverse). So all I’ve done is line it up on either side of the photo to make it look like it is one strip. And it means I have used the entire strip I’d cut from the 12×12 sheet.

So now I’ve reached this point, I stick things down. I have to admit something else – I’m stingy with the adhesive!! I tend to place just enough to keep the layers stuck! The bonus of this – it also lets me slip things underneath layers I’ve already got in place.

The final product:

132 - Patterned Paper

And some detail:

136 - detail 2

Paper detail 1


So there you go. Using patterned paper really is so much fun! Hope you like this – and join in with the Southern Girls Challenge that is up on the blog. We’d love to see how you use your patterned paper.

Happy crafting!




3 thoughts on “Southern Girls Challenge # 132: Patterned Paper

  1. What an awesome celebration of patterned paper Kelly! Love what you did for this challenge. Your layout is fantastic. I especially love the week polaroid frame bringing focus on the picture. So clever and so effective! Hugs, Wends x

  2. great shot and love the layout….prob a good idea i missed that sale!!! i too could furnish a shop!!!!

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