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Decorating for Easter

A few years back, I made my friends laugh whenever they visited: it was well into the New Year and I hadn’t taken my Christmas Tree down. And when I say well into the New Year – I’m talking end of Feb, beginning of March!! The Christmas decorations themselves had been removed and packed away in good time – but for one reason and another, the tree itself was still up! So I made up reasons to decorate it – first there was Waitangi Day – so little flags went on. Then Easter was approaching, and for the first time, I bought some cheap hanging eggs and made my first ever Easter Tree!!

I’m pretty sure I got it decorated for all sorts of things including my birthday, and Queen’s birthday – and it came down just before July…. and solely because my mother was coming to visit. I could handle the laughs and jokes and decorative suggestions from all my friends – but mum channels nana and there is no way that tree should have still been up after January !!!

Ever since then, I’ve been looking out for Easter specific decorations so I can legitimately decorate for Easter. I have a gorgeous bunny family I was able to pick up from Kirkcaldies over the last few years (sadly, the landmark Wellington department store is closed permanently, and the Easter store is no more). And those eggs I bought for the first time? I hung those on our lavender bush by our front door.

But this year …..thanks to Instagram, I spotted something I just knew I could create using the post as a template! Another NZ blogger had created it and it was featured on the Spotlight feed. An Easter wreath! Yes!! {And if you know the blogger that created the original that I’ve copied from, please let me know so I can credit properly!!}

Our local spotty store wasn’t stocked with the same items as the original – so I had fun creating a look with some floral elements that I love – in this case, magnolia branches and roses.

Easter detail 1


This wreath is definitely something that will be used year after year. I used Mono Tombow glue (the green bottle) and found the glue has held the elements really well. You’ll see the glue was still drying when I took these photos!! I’ve also discovered the styrofoam rings are fabulous to dress up!! The supply of painted eggs is enormous – I’ve only used a very small amount from the bag!! I’m guessing I will be hunting in Pinterest to see what else I can do with the rest of the bag!!

Easter decorations


What other seasons or holidays do you like decorating your home for? Do let me know – I’d love to see some of your examples!


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