Circle Journal journeys

Circle journal title detail


A group of good friends, who all happen to be scrapbookers, are due to meet tomorrow. Seven of us will be handing over a journal that we have begun. We’ll receive them back in about seven months. I’m really looking forward to participating in a circle journal again – the last one I did would have to have been something like eight, possibly nine, years ago. The ones back then were swapped with people I “knew” via the scrapbook forums, and mostly people I have never actually met in real life. The circle journals were always fun to get back – and a few of the people I met through those online forums are now very good friends in real life. And that was how I chose my theme for this new circle journal….”Who are we?”

The people involved in this circle journal swap are people that have known for up to around nine years ago – I know I met the founder of our wee scrapping group during the days of the Scrapbook Essentials forum, so going back to around 2007, possibly 2006! And I thought it was about time that I got to know some of these girls a bit more – get the dirt on them and their lives a bit more…. chatting over lunch, dinner, coffee, wine or even in the middle of a windy Wellington street is all good – but I decided I wanted to get some of it recorded in pretty paper and glue!

So, I’ve managed to set up my album – although, for those that know me, you just KNOW that I still have some bits to finish. I mean, it’s due tomorrow so I have tonight to complete fully…..! It has all the elements done – bar my journalling…. so I better get on to that fairly quick smart!!

And I thought I’d share a few sneak peeks of the pages I’ve completed so far before I hand it on to the next member of our circle. Hope you enjoy!

CJ page 1 detail

It is indeed, Good to Have a Hobby!

Page 1 detail

I’ve started printing some pictures at home. Normally I’m a 100% matte photo fan – but when I need a print in a hurry, I’m pretty thrilled with the quality of the prints I’m getting from my HP7510  – an older model, but still a goodie! I just have to remember to handle the prints more carefully to avoid my finger prints finding their way all over the photo!!

Well, best get back to my scrappy homework…. I do want to watch the Hurricanes V Highlanders tonight as well, so I better get on with things!

Let me know what your crafty plans for the weekend are.



One thought on “Circle Journal journeys

  1. oh yes!!! that circle journal…now i must get that out again and read my first challenge
    cant wait to get a hold of yours!!!

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