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Cool for the Summer

blog - detail - 28 jan 2016

We’ve be spoiled here in Wellington with a great summer so far. It’s been H.O.T and sunny. And then just to top it off the week before hubby and I go back to work, when we took a week to travel to Whangarei and explore Northland – we got a different kind of summer. One where it’s hot over night, and never seems to stop. This seriously is my kind of weather!

While we based ourselves in Whangarei, we intended to travel around and explore various parts of Northland. It is such a beautiful region of New Zealand, and I have never been there before, I really enjoyed getting to some places. And of course, it made me want to go back and get to other places!

One day trip we did was to Russell, and then over to Waitangi. Both felt familiar and new all at once. And we fell in love.


2016-01-11 12.31.33


On the way up to Russell, we did a wee detour into Kawakawa, and took a visit to the Hundertwasser Toilets. My youngest was perplexed by the fact there were so many people openly carrying cameras inside this public toilet! His mother was among the many!!

2016-01-11 11.13.01

Having enjoyed a paddle in the water, a yummy and relaxed lunch, and a spot of checking out the waterside shops, we then headed over to Waitangi Treaty grounds. This was a simpler and quieter space – and just over the water from the cruise ship you can see in the first photo. I’ve always wanted to visit Waitangi – and having stood on the spot where the treaty was signed, and stepped inside the meeting house, I know Waitangi Day will have a deeper meaning for us now.

Hubby and I got a quick snap as we walked back to the car. The whole concept of selfies – especially those taken by parental units! – is something that generally elicits groans from the boys. But sometimes, you just have to do it even if there is a groaning and impatient teen audience!! And this snap really records how relaxed hubby and I were feeling while in this fabulous spot. I definitely wanted to get a page scrapped using very rare photos of both hubby and I!!

blog - 28 jan 2016


One of the things I really enjoyed about creating this particular layout is the fact I dug into my stash and found these papers in a very old Studio Calico kit. Gosh I miss having a box of happy mail show up every month!! But truthfully, I have ….ahem… many kits and other supplies to rediscover! I was super thrilled to have this photo print really well from my printer here at home. I do prefer the matte look to photos – don’t look too closely at this print as you may see the fingerprints I left! Ha! However, as my local favourite photo printer no longer exists, it’s really good to know I can print some photos at home and be happy to have them in my albums.

Design notes:

There’s a couple of things I like about this layout.

I like that the red of hubby’s shirt is allowed to be the pop of colour – and is reinforced with the red in the patterned paper and the heart. That pop is supported by a colour palette of neutrals: grey, cream and a pale beige. That palette along with the pale teal I used as a contrast speaks of washed out, sun bleached summer days to me!

I also like how there is a vertical line created from the journalling tag, through hubby in the photo and down to the embellishment cluster and spots of mist. That line was more accidental than planned – but I’m pretty happy with that wee accident!

Thanks for popping by – I really appreciate it.



4 thoughts on “Cool for the Summer

  1. Awesome layout Kelly, I love the pop of red and the teal teamed with the more neutral colours. And I think the selfie of you and your hubby is wonderful xx

  2. Thanks Lou – it was a fun layout to work on – especially as “the bearded one” was relaxed enough to let me get a selfie with him! 😀

  3. Ooh Kelly, that is gorgeous hun! I so have to get my scrap on this year. I’ve only made one page – ever! So I need a serious boot to get some more done this year. LOVE the way you’ve created this page and the story behind it too. We have family land near Kaeo on the beach (Mahinepua Bay) and it is very special and beautiful up there. I hope you managed to get to the Te Paki Sand Dunes (the boys could go sand surfing, it’s a blast!) and of course Cape Reinga is breathtaking. ( & If you didn’t pop those on your bucket list! Hugs, Wends x

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