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December memories: album progress



Another Ali Edwards perennial project: December Daily. I mentioned back in December that I was embarking on another album – largely as a result of getting to celebrate Christmas 2015 in our new home.

I have to tell you – 2015 as a year was a tad stressful. Don’t let anyone tell you building a new home, selling your old one, and then actually moving into the new home is a piece of cake. Seriously. And then add into the mix the bright idea of inviting as many of your extended family members as are available to join you in your first ever Christmas in the new place!!

Stressful? Yeah, a wee bit. It involved paving the outdoor area right up to the arrival of the first visitor! Well, that was for hubby. For me, it may have involved less labourious tasks such as deciding to use new recipes. For everything.

Anyway, it gave me the chance to document our slightly crazy first-christmas-in-the-new-house experience.

I’d already decided that I wasn’t going to keep up with the pulling together of the album while the experiences were being experienced. I may be crazy – but I’m not that mad! Huh!! Photos were taken, notes were made, fun was had in December, and then once January hit, the paper, alphas, glue and scissors were pulled out.

Here’s a look at a few of the pages so far.


The boys are now “too big” for Santa photos. Sigh!!


Finding homes for our decorations is a new activity.


Along with photos and stories, there’s also a place for purely fun elements.

I’m hoping to wrap up this project shortly so will be back to share a few more glimpses of the final album.


3 thoughts on “December memories: album progress

  1. OOh I was clicking on the pics to pop them up so I could get a closer look, denied! Looks so fun and fabulous, think it’s time I admitted I need to get glasses, LOL. So looking forward to the final reveal and what a fabulous (albeit stressful) Christmas you sound like you’ve had. I am dreaming of owning our own little patch of New Zealand right now, so have all that yet to look forward to! So excited to have you on the SGC DT and can’t wait to see your gorgeous creations for us. Hugs, Wends x

  2. oooh!! thanks for pointing that issue out – I had no idea that they didn’t pop up larger. I’ve adjusted their size in the post, so hopefully, they are easier to look at now. I tell you, when you are picking up blogging after a rather…. er…. “lengthy” break, technical stuff has changed!! 😀 Thanks for popping by, and leaving me a note. K

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