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Introducing a new watermark

KN - Blog watermark - black

I’m hoping that you will soon be seeing a lot more of this wee watermark. It tool me a while to create it (even though it looks crazy simple!) but in doing do, I’ve managed to learn a whole new trick: placing text on a path!

Why is this so exciting? Well, way back when, in Photoshop Elements 6 (when it was the latest and greatest shiny version of PSE), creating on a path just couldn’t be done. Fast forward too many years to count, I’m using PSE 12 (although I think version 14 has now been released!!) and I spotted reference to creating text on a path…. that is – making my text run along in a circular line. Too good to be true – but true story it is!!

I had a devil of a time getting my bottom line – the one letting you know where to find my blog – reading correctly. At first typing, it was upside down. If I rotated, the letters were all back to front. If I flipped it, the whole image went wonky and my name would go upside down…. What to do….??

Google my friends, Google.

I found this very simple and easy to follow YouTube tutorial. Oh. My. Goodness. Choirs of Angels may have sung!!

I really recommend you taking a look if you are also of a mind to be creating text to flow around your shapes. Because, who doesn’t want to do that now?! Thank me in chocolates later *insert winky face*

And on that happy note, thanks for popping by. I hope that your 2016 has begun well, and something crafty is in your future.


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