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December memories

This December I am creating a December album again – in the vein of Ali Edwards’ “December Daily“. I wasn’t planning on working on the project again as I had one completed last year (and ….ahem, at least two incomplete albums from previous years….). I’ve noticed that year on year, activities and traditions in our family run in very similar patterns. So, I was questioning why do yet another mini album of essentially the same kinds of things. However. THIS year we are in our new home. Only the second home that either boy has ever lived in. We’ve only been in here for just on three weeks. And there are many NEW things that we are getting used to. So, I thought it would be fun to create a record of our first Christmas in this new place.

I decided to keep it very simple this year. With moving into a new place, selling the old place AND hosting the extended family this year, I really don’t want to be over complicating the fun stuff. So, I’m using a 4×6 SNAP binder in yellow – because yellow = summer. I’m also using a mix of two collections from Fancy Pants: Happy Place and Wish Season, with a little bit of Pink Fresh thrown in.

I’m enjoying having my crafty gear all at hand again – it was brought over to the new house quite early in the proceedings. Quite possibly, my crafting stuff had a home before anything else did!

Because the format is fairly simple, I’m going with the flow in terms of working on it. Some days I’ve actually documented the story for that day there and then. Other days, I have notes and photos and will pull it together in the days after Christmas, once my family have all finished visiting. I am actually really looking forward to seeing how our 2015 version of December evolves!

I’m likely to share bits and bobs of the album’s progress – and do a final wrap up soon after it is completed. Feel free to link up in the comments if you are also doing a December album – would love to drop by and see your project too!

2015-12-02 22.06.59



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