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Well, hello again!

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I don’t even want to think how long it’s been since I last posted here….

In fact, I actually thought a while back that I should close this place down as I would never come back. It’s been a busy old time, especially this year, as we’ve been building a new house, making the move, and now finally settling into it.

I have been continuing to scrap – mostly Project Life style, along with my all time favourite style of 12×12. I just haven’t been sharing so much – especially online. That’s largely because the boys, now aged 11 and 14.5 (because that .5 means he’s a LOT older than just 14 dontcha know!) are pretty cautious of letting their mum take photos of them, much less actually display them in a public forum. And I think it’s pretty important to listen to that request.

So what on earth has made me resurrect this page? Well, I spotted that the Southern Girls Challenge had a call out for new Design Team members for 2016. I’ve always hankered for a DT spot, but was always a wee bit nervous that I wasn’t good enough, or that I couldn’t commit, but thought, blast it – this time I’ll pop myself forward. And I was granted a spot – very exciting!! And with that spot, I needed to have a public page…. so therein lies the reason for the resurrection of this dear old page of mine!

So – a run down of the last three or so years since I last posted:

  • I quit Stampin Up – after five years as a demo. You may see me selling a few items via here now that I’ve finally got them all into one space at the new house!
  • Boy #1 started intermediate – which is the same school as college (high school) – and he’s just completed his first college year…. yikes!
  • Boy #2 has just completed his first intermediate year
  • Boy #1 has had a great year playing Under 65kg rugby for his school – they got to play their grade final. And played themselves into the ground with so much courage and heart. They didn’t win the match – but I think they won so much in their hearts. It was fab team – and a real pleasure to watch them play week on week.
  • Boy #2 played his first ever cricket season – and did not look out of place among his much more experienced team mates. Season two is under way – kind of. The weather gods have not been particularly great thus far!
  • Our new house was started, completed and we’ve moved into it. We love it – and there is much to be done to finish the yard!
  • I am still working in the same place as I was in 2012: Volunteer Service Abroad. Love it – it has had its ups and downs, but I think things have settled down a good bit and I am enjoying being in my fifth year here. I now work 30 hours per week.
  • 2014 was the first year I actually documented a complete year in Project Life style. 2015…. well, the photos are there!! I need to sort out a good printer place as my favourite one closed at the beginning of this year, and man, that means I haven’t had any photos printed! This is not good.
  • I HAVE still been scrapping however – there’s a chance that I have more than the odd photo printed and around the place from anywhere in the last 10 years so I have been having fun playing with older as well as more recent photos.
  • I completed 2014’s December album – for the first time EVER!


And with that wee update, I’ll say bye for now – and I will be back soon!

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