She lives!!!!!

Wowsa!!!! Over a year since I left word on here! How on earth did that happen??

In a nutshell – Kelly got busy – and happily neglected this wee piece of her life for a bit…. for a year!! I thought about giving it all up. But I quite like having a place to leave some thoughts. I haven’t done much creating and that was the original reason for sharing…. and I guess that’s the main reason why blogging has gone down the old To Do list! Plus facebook has become a replacement for many of the forums and scrapbooking groups that used to be a big part of my day while I was at home with the boys… more than two years ago since those days changed!! Wow!!

I’m not even sure who will be out there reading what I share. I think this will become more of an place for me to pop some thoughts and ramblings as and when I feel like it. So, if anyone is still out there checking up on the goings on in the Nelson household, I say hi!


I’m still at VSA, although I have a new CEO. The incumbent felt it was her time to move on to fresh pastures after 8 years with the organisation and in July our new CEO started. It’s one thing to walk into a job and learn everything on the fly…. it’s another to adjust to a new person’s style as they learn what there new role is to be! My hours of work generally are well above the *official* 20 hours… but that is proving to be a good thing. I get to *bank* time in lieu – and that means I get to schedule time off around the school holidays. Loving that flexibility…. it meant I could take a week and a bit off over these most recent ones…. so family holiday to Ohope… woohooooo!!


Mr11 is in year 6 at the primary and we got a place into a school that starts at intermediate and goes through secondary. I’m thrilled because it’s a good school and it’s NOT the private school that we would have taken another mortgage to get both boys through. In our Mr’s case, I personally think he will really benefit from going to a single sex school… a school specifically catering to teaching boys. Not because he is behind in any way, but more because he loves to be involved in virtually everything going on – and allows himself to be distracted. I know that there are many good co-ed schools out there (I went to one of them!!), but I truly believe that teachers that know how to teach boys will be a good thing. (I really like how girls “can do anything” these days, but it’s been something I’ve been concerned about in general in terms of boys falling behind in overall achievement…. and now we are parents to boys… well, we have to do what we think is best for them…)

Mr8 on the other hand will do well wherever he goes – he’s that kind of kid that just gets on with the task. One of the great things this year has been his involvement in extra activities at school. He was so pleased to come first in the school cross-country at the beginning of the year, and then followed that up with a fourth at the Western zones. Sadly, inter-zones were cancelled after several attempts to re-schedule due to dodgy weather. Even now, he tells me how frustrated he was… and how he plans on finishing 1st and 4th again next year to repeat his selection!

Mr8 did however complete successfully in the BP challenge – a challenge where teams from different schools had to create a project in advance and show their planning and prototypes. This year, the teams in Year 3-4 had to create bird feeders according to various criteria. Mr8’s team were awarded second – woohooo! On the day of the challenge, they had to do another challenge which involved them creating a sling or sled that would carry 5 kg across a certain distance and over and around various obstacles. Both challenges were completed using nothing more than newspaper, string, tape and a few pieces of cardboard or plastic. He loved taking part.


Both Mr’s had great rugby seasons for Petone – different teams to the ones they played in last year due to a change in how junior teams are created. Mr11’s team only had three losses – a couple of which were *character forming* (much of his team was not used to winning and their reaction to the first lost was…… interesting….!) Mr11 had so many losses last year, he was surprised at the general reactions and pointed out that they had played well so they should still be pleased with themselves. This raised a few eyebrows among his coaches, but they backed him and encouraged the other boys to pull themselves together. I have to say, I was a bit stunned at the first reactions from a lot of these other boys, and I was actually quite pleased they had a couple more losses…. In my mind, playing at this level is about doing your absolute best to get that win, but learning how to be both decent winners and gracious losers.

Mr8’s team on the other hand played better and better each week – and got through their season unbeaten. Might have to check their head sizes next season at weigh in!!


For a large chunk of the early part of the year, Hubby and I looked at various sections and new homes. We were investigating building – and we were very excited as we looked through plans and developed a layout in particular. However, in going through the process, we came very quickly to the decision that the sections in the new development or the one around the corner from there were well over-prices and we pulled the plug. We still want to move: our house no longer *fits* the way our family works…. but we’re going to take our time and get it right. The good thing is that when we do move, the intention is to get into a certain set of suburbs where both Hubby and I have wanted to be for a number of years… and that will provide Mr11 with a choice of moving to the boys school out that way, or staying at the one he’ll be starting at next year and taking the train to and from. Wellington’s public transport rocks!!

My weight watchers journey:

I started Weight Watchers almost a year ago exactly. In the first 3 months, I lost 10kg pretty easily. Then it took another 4-5 months to lose another 5. Since then I’ve been going up and down a couple of kilos…. and finding it hard to keep on track. I have another 10 to go in order to make it into my healthy range and become a life-time member. I’m frustrated at the sabotaging I do (I find myself making *those* choices easily)… but the one thing I have been proud of myself and it shows me that this is a life-style change is that I don’t beat up on myself – I make a point of making the next meal a good one… and knowing that my not so great choices aren’t the end of the line for me. Instead they push the goal out. So, the up shot? I’m still determined to make the changes I’ve started with a very permanent part of a healthier way of living for me… and the fact that I’ve only been moving around that 2 kg mark speaks volumes to me… I just need to really knuckle down to keep moving down for another 10kg and make that end target!


As this blog was started originally with the purpose of sharing scrapbook projects and pages with my online friends, I feel I should at least mention what I’ve been working on in terms of creativity this year!! I’m still a Stampin’ Up! demo… although making it fit into my busy-busy kind of schedule means I’m choosing to do workshops as and when I’m asked – so that is becoming a more relaxed model for me and working well.

I’ve been doing Project Life for the first time – and enjoying capturing our life as a family. The routine of printing photos and putting into the album still needs work… but there is quite a bit captured. The whole family enjoys seeing this album come together… and at week 42, there might be a few weeks to be worked on still… but it’s coming together well. I’m also preparing my December Daily album for this year. I’m really excited about this project – I love Christmas and the focus on traditions and family and what it means to us. And as we’re not travelling this year in the lead-up, I’m really looking forward to capturing this part of the year!!

We also have Halloween coming up – and while I know a lot of friends don’t participate in this *festival* for any number of reasons, our friend that was in our street but moved during the year further up our hill, has well and truly got me into the fun of it. I putting together Adventure Time costumes for the boys… Jake the Human and Finn the Dog costumes for the Mr’s. I’m also going to put together something for myself… A pumpkin costume – I intend to crank this out on an annual basis in the manner of Mrs Zielske and her Bee costume!!

Another American style holiday that I love (and wish that more of us would adopt… in principle at least!) is Thanksgiving. A couple of years ago, we got together with extended family and celebrated thanksgiving in lieu of Christmas seeing so many of us were going to be out and away around the country. Not sure if we’ll be doing that again this year (hoping so!!) but I love the vibe of being grateful and thankful – so I might just put together some ideas in a project of that nature. Now, many of you (if you’re still reading these days!!) will now I’m seriously good at making plans. Seriously good! But not so good at delivering. Shhhh… we know how bad I can be at that… Queen of procrastination and all!! Soooo…. in theory I’ve put the thought out there publicly. So I can be held accountable – and do this…. yeeeessssss!! So help me be accountable and check that I’ve put the thinking into reality!! 😛

Anyway, that’s all she wrote.


2 thoughts on “She lives!!!!!

  1. Wow thats a heck of a catchup. Am still here and you are still in my google reader. Great to hear from you again. I still like blogging but think that FB has a lot to answer for. LOL

  2. wahoooooooooooooo im in the picture!!! love it!!

    great write up and great o see you back online!!!!
    we missed you!!!

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