Ooops, I’ve done it again!

Neglected my blog that is!  Well, I’m starting this post at 11pm on Monday night – and because I’m on the laptop rather than the computer upstairs with the photos, I know it’s unlikely this will be a complete post… but while I’m in the mood, I might as well get on with it 🙂

I’ve been working a few extra hours here and there at work.  With the job I started at the beginning of July, the role is a new one for them – and when I looked at the description when I applied, I had a feeling the role would need more than the 20 hours each week it stated.  It is proving the case.  I was asked if I would consider working a few extra hours just the other day.  I found working 25 hours on a permanent basis meant a stretch of other things and often meant that some of those things didn’t get done.  As always, my procrastination foibles are there, but that extra committed 5 hours really did impact on what I was able to do and what I wasn’t.

So, work and I reached an amicable agreement.  I’ll stick to the formal 20 hours per week arrangement, with the ability to work and be paid the additional 5 hours as and when they are worked.  I’m hoping this means I will get to take on some of the tasks that I am meant to be doing but find I run out of time to even think about, yet keeping the ability to get to the supermarket, have lunch with friends on occasion, sometimes get to the Mr’s open assemblies at school.  I like that work is prepared to work with me on this – it isn’t an either or question


We’ve finished winter sport season – without any of the accolades that were suggested might be coming the Mr’s ways.  Both Mr 10 and Mr 7 have had a really good year.  In one case, I personally found it hard to hear week in, week out about how great one of the Mr’s had improved, how good he was playing – yet every week someone else would be given the player of the day, or finally “most improved”.

I know I’m the mum and I’m biased, but I know how much he had improved – and being told each and every week how good a game he had seemed to back my view.  But week in week out I kept my mouth shut as the kids who got the trophy – again – because they scored x tries. I didn’t want to be seen as being one of “those” mums.  Still, it is a fine line between being proud of my boy’s acheivements and wanting others to acknowledge the same thing, and avoiding the whole pushy stage mum thing!

I’ll be satisfied with the fact that I am proud of how much he improved, how much fun he had, and the fact they both said they loved playing this year.


We got part of our summer holiday plans sorted out.  Great team effort with hubby finding a holdiay home in Momorangi Bay for a week (thanks Marram Trust!) and plans to get to see my Brother, SIL, and new niece in Christchurch.  I found a motel reasonably close to them, so we will be a few days in Christhchurch too…. not nearly as long as I’d like, but probably enough to enjoy a fleeting visit with the fam and hopefully avoid experiencing the aftershocks. For all my bravado, my gallows humour about earthquakes goes OK up here in Welly where we haven’t had to seriously experience things to any serious degree.  I’m not sure I’d be as calm as the rest of the fam have had to be should something out my usual experience actually happen!

Having said that, I’m really looking forward to getting down there – first time anywhere near Christmas time that I’ve been anywhere near the old stomping ground since we got back from Belgium eight years ago!!


And on that note – that’s all for a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.  I was going to tell you about our fun weekend in the city with the navy and all that boys stuff – but as I said… no chance of pics tonight.  Guess that means I need to get back here real fast then, hey?!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Ooops, I’ve done it again!

  1. It’s fantastic that your employer is that flexable. It makes a heck of a difference and shows some give and take on both sides. I remember last year when I did the stretch from 20 to 30 hours. It took some adjustment mentally and physically and then there was the stuff around home. So good on you for putting a stake in the ground. Ahhh the fine line, it’s a tricky one more so when you are told one thing and you see another. As long as the boys are happy with thier effort knowing that thier parents are proud of them is more meaningful and they had fun from the sounds of it. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas break you have planned. We went into town on Saturday to do a few errands and wow the crowds were amazing and the place humming. We had brunch at Arizona and I forgot the ABS were next door until we saw french supporters stopping Jerome as he came out and asked for photos and autographs. Saw the navy in town but missed the parade.

  2. Awesome news on the job front! It is great when your employer listens to you and respects your wishes because they know it is in their best interests to keep you happy. It’s also great when companies realise how important flexibility is to a lot of people, especially busy working mums! Getting that elusive work-life balance can be tough, so I’m really happy that you’ve managed to achieve it 🙂

    Totally feel for you regarding the sport thing. It’s absolutely not fair to give POTD to the try/goal scorers only, and it makes me cross that some coaches still do that! Rugby/soccer etc are team sports, and the other players are instrumental to those point-scorers actually getting the ball over the line/into the net. I’m glad that your boys were not disillusioned by it all though, and that they enjoyed their season.

  3. yah for flexibility….and the ability to attend assemblies and lunch etc!!!
    and as for POTD im with you!!! it seems so wrong!!!!
    and quite annoying!!!!

    YAH on the boys playing well though!! and loving it!!!

  4. The Marram cottages there are great! Take your Sky decoder as TV reception isn’t that hot. Your boys will love jumping from the jetty

  5. Thanks for your comment Kelly. I felt a bit dumb actually, as I was just randomly commenting, and then realized after everyone was putting really wise advise comments lol! I put another comment saying delete my comment, but she just published both. I guess it was a blonde moment of mine! I was really impresses with the print service. And they didn’t take long to come either. Hopefully you like them as well. Thanks. Megan

  6. I am not looking forward to tackling sports for my kids – only because I know I will be outraged on their behalf if the same scenario you described happens to one of my little angels. lol Thanks for the nice comment on my blog 🙂

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