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Remember the time it snowed in Wellington….

I must be almost the last person in Wellington to put up photos of the snow.  Some of my pics are really blurry – I didn’t even check the settings before I started snapping away – and the snow on the lens really didn’t help! 😆

Yet, in among the blurriness, I think I managed to catch some special moments.  Like this:

The WONDER of snow!
The WONDER of snow!

This is going to get picture heavy so I’ll just get on with it….

"look at the snow dad!"
"no, LOOK at it Dad!!" LOL
The snow wasn't actually settling yet, so the best place to collect snow for your snowball?? From the wing of the "teenagers" cars!s
Family Portrait
Duck! Neighbour N has just attempted to hit Mr 10... having been ambushed by Mr 10 a number of times!
Our house at dusk... after a little more snow fell
First attempt at a snowman... well, snow blob! There really wasn't enough snow on Sunday!!
Snow buddies - I didn't see Neighbour boy or Mr 10 the whole Monday afternoon!
Mr 10 and Neighbour Boy spent much of Monday afternoon in the new snow that coated the back deck - and made Mr Snow - a portable snowman on a baking tray so he could be moved under the verandah, out of the rain, so he wouldn't melt!!!
Tuesday after school - thought I would try to get some shots of falling snow.... so far the attempts hadn't been great
This is the same Kowhai - just 20 minutes later! With our local Kereru trying to find shelter
That same roof and tree - just 20 minutes after the snow started falling!
Just loved the look of our tree with the snow
Almost forgot to do snow angels!!!! Mr 7 had come and gone - he loves the snow but there is simply no insulation on his body and he wanted to get out of the cold!
Looking down from the top of our cul de sac....
Looking back up to our house
...round our corner.... that turn at the top of our street was so slippery, people were leaving their cars several streets away!
our last snow man - Mr 10 did this largely on his own... and was so disappointed a large chunk of snow fell off the torso before I got the camera on to it. That bottom snow ball... it lasted until Saturday before finally melting completely!!

I haven’t shown pics here, but one of the nicest things was how many meighbours were all out – especially on the Sunday at the first snowfall – and Wednesday.  Such a special time seeing as this is such a rare event… On the Tuesday our elderly neighbours came out to join in where they could.  He pulled out some toboggan runners that were around 40 years old, another neighbour had some wood in the garage so the old was added with the new and a sled was created!  Not quite enough snow depth to actually make it work – but still it was fun trying!!  Those guys now have a sled to use the next time snow gets anywhere near us!!

OH, and Mr 10 just told me that I completely forgot to tell you all that at school on the Monday, they were allowed to go out to the field and have a massive snowball fight, and Mr T(the caretaker) found a whole lot of bags so that they could slide down the big bank at the back of the field.  Super cool!


3 thoughts on “Remember the time it snowed in Wellington….

  1. I love your pics! Especially the ones of your house covered in snow … it looks like something out of an American movie at Christmas time … with the dormer windows which are so American, and all the pretty snow. Fantastic!!

  2. Awesome pics…even the blurry ones! I love the photos of your house..and the last one of the snowman with the reeeeeeally long nose LOL!

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