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Glorious mud….!

I was moaning yesterday at the lack of cancellations for our area’s rugby games.  When we got to the designated grounds, it was soft but not too bad, and the temperature wasn’t cold, so OK, let’s get on with it.

And then the rain set in. Again.

This is how the Under 10 game looked being played at Trentham Memorial Park:

Mr 9 was also captain for the day, which he loved.


3 thoughts on “Glorious mud….!

  1. Yay for Mr 9 getting to be captain for the day. Looks like he’s enjoying himself in all that mud!

    I used to live in Upper Hutt when I was a kid. I reemmber the trees along the park by Moonshine Road used to scare me. small world huh!

  2. Looks like they had fun. Glad I am not the one having to clean the uniforms after that game lol. I think I would be breaking out the napisan lol.

  3. Who was it that invented the colour white and used it in the same sentence as rugby or cricket …they need to be whipped … OMG Napisan is awesome … but I think we use something else that is better still … still the same sort of product though … soaked twice normally in our household and then washed in hot water … but it works … took a while.

    Just checked out the container – Sard Wonder – gentle on skin, dermatologist tested, antibacterial, aloe … how’s that sound … pretty good to me!!!

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