OMG – this cat is a hunter!

I opened the front door after work a couple days ago and something strange was in the hallway… lots of little things. Feathers!!

Sasha has proven her worth as a mouser … there is a really freaky mouse experience from a few months ago that I’m not going to share here because having shared it at work, it really did freak someone out and I felt bad.  Suffice to say, it left me with a feeling I didn’t enjoy for several days after!


Anyway, I assumed that being a good mouser wasn’t necessarily leading to a bird hunter.  We have lovely natives around our section quite a lot which I just love.  So when I saw the dark feathers through the hall I was pretty devastated.  I couldn’t work out what had happened to the bird though and assumed it was a little sparrow that had been eaten.  Our last cat, Sam, did that in his peak.

And then I walked into the laundry.

More feathers.

And behind the door………..

OMG!!  The body.  It wasn’t a native – thank goodness… but man!! It was quite a large bird. And it was in my laundry. And it was dead.  😦

I have no idea how Sasha got the bird into the laundry through the cat door – and clearly the poor thing put up a fight.  I cleaned up the mess, said a few things and popped the bird away.

WHAT am I going to do to stop our little cat from murdering the natives???



2 thoughts on “OMG – this cat is a hunter!

  1. a bell on her collar???? though i took georgie’s off cos it drive me nuts….luckily she aint that good at catching them!!! only other option to save all the mess is lock her into the laundry (where i am guessing the door is!!! to contain the mess!!!
    ohhhhh and DONT read my latest blog post!!!! (that will bring more birds!!! lol!!!)

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