Sporty dudes

I don’t have photos just yet – partly because I wasn’t there to see it *sad face* but also the after the event photos I took with the ribbons are on the computer upstairs and it’s too cold for me to sit up there tonight!!

The Mr’s have been at it again – more sporting success!!

Two weeks ago: Mr 7 got player of the day in ripper rugby.  He is playing so well at the moment.  The week before was a little frustrating because the other team wasn’t working with getting back onside too much and three times he got so close to scoring tries when he was ripped by an offside player.  It was a sorta big deal because normally he’s the kid that runs and runs, gets his hand on the ball a little bit but that’s about it.  To see him so close to scoring was so neat to watch.

The following week, the opposition was a bit better at getting back on-side – and he scored two tries, a handful of seriously good rips stopping tries and had some really good runs… hence POTD.  He LOVED it.

Last week was another great game for him – the coach actually remarked how he was totally into the game in the last few weeks.

Last week was also cross-country time at the school.  During the training sessions, both of them had been looking pretty good.  Mr 9 came fourth – and will be representing the school in the Year 5 zone run.  He was so pleased – having just been pipped into one of the spots last year, plus beating the boy who normally is always ahead of him in the past years.

Mr 7 got first in the Year 3 boys race…. and was so pleased.  Apparently he came in first by quite a way.  I’m still hunting out the photos for that one 🙂  Thankfully there was a mum up there at the time that race was run that knew I’d want pics 🙂

I’m really hoping that I can get a day where the workload is light enough to let me leave early on the day the zone races are run.  Fingers crossed!!


3 thoughts on “Sporty dudes

  1. woo hoo … definitely a proud Mummy moment … hopefully that workload of yours will favour a day off, or at least a few hours so that you can front up as a spectator … don’t forget the camera.

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