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Back from Melbourne

I had a WONDERFUL four and a bit days in Melbourne last week.  This year’s Stampin’ Up! convention was held there.  The last time I was in that wonderful town was back in ’98.  I know!! That is SUCH a long time ago!!  Funny part was that for a time, I was in the same part of town because it was for a work thing that had us attending the convention or expo or whatever it was at the convention centre.

This time was a whole lot more fun – (although the first two days of the previous statement don’t qualify as THEY were fun being spent with my good girlfriend, Claire, who was living there at the time and they were definitely awesome times!!).  This time I was part of our Stampin Up team that was staying in a fabulous apartment right in behind the convention centre… and DFO.  Stampin and shopping – in Melbourne… simply BLISS!!

I tried taking a photo from our 29th floor looking over the fab nightscape we had each night.  It was through the window as well, the weather was slightly more akin to Invercargill that Ayers Rock if you know what I mean…. (sorry Mrs Frizz!!!) and I wasn’t going to venture out on to our balcony.

On the first morning it was a bit gloomy – but I had a wonderful experience of noticing a hot air balloon rising from that space by the shortest high rise slightly to the right of centre…. and then noticing it wasn’t alone – at least two others were a bit higher in the sky and about to disappear from our view as we looked right.  I didn’t grab my camera as it was one of those moments you wanted to see rather than miss while you grabbed the camera!  Amazing though!

Now I did take a PILE and a half of photos but I can’t share them here… a lot involved upcoming products and sneak peeks that we demos simply aren’t allowed to share before certain dates.  But I can tell you I am totally excited about what we have coming up.  And the clever people doing the presenting and showing us how to use stuff – impressive talent. And that would be a massive understatement.

With it being my birthday weekend (a certain milestone may have been reached…..) I was pleased to have some great company to share the weekend with.

And to finish off, we had the awards dinner where we all got glammed up.

L-R: Judith, Sharlene, Me, Emma (NZ Country Manager), Liz, and Broni.  The lovely Laura was also staying in our apartment but stepped out for this pic…. Laura is an aussie from Adelaide and was sooo much fun.

I also came home with a lot of items from momento mall (the “shop” of convention souvenirs…. which is pretty fun) but the best thing….. FIVE pairs of shoes none of which was full price thanks to DFO.  Heaven much??!  Somehow, I managed to get enough stuff into my Trelise Cooper countdown bag to take on board and had EXACTLY 23kg to check-in.

All in all…?  It was definitely a Happy Birthday to me.  Think Hubby will definitely insist on a party rather than a convention weekend next time 😉


6 thoughts on “Back from Melbourne

  1. Looks like you had a fab time and that photo of you and the girls looking gorgeous is fab….gotta love shopping and hanging out with good friends and being able to share your passion with others.

  2. Hey Kelly – the kids on the cruise were kids kids lol – by that I mean the ones with the grandparents were between about seven and thirteen and one girl with Downs Syndrome whose Gran was taking her on the trip as her twenty first present (she told us all lol, was very excited). They split the kids club into two widish age groups 3-8 and 8 -12. The younger kids do lots of making stuff and I heard one wee chap at brekkie one morning ask his Mum why couldn’t he go to Kids Club…exasperated Mum replied, ‘cos I told you, it’s only seven thirty, they aren’t open yet’ so it must have been fun lol. I watched the older kids making mock tails as an activity and putting on a talent show – so they’re all age appropriate type things. I think two active boys would be kept very active and heck there’s always the pool to tucker them out in!

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