On a Saturday night

Tonight I’m sitting watching “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” on Sky with the Mr’s.  It’s goes a little later than their bedtimes but it’s quite nice to be able to chill with them after what’s been a typical Saturday with rugby, laundry and typical Saturday goings on.

We had a second day of fog hanging around the hill today… finally burned off around 4-ish while the big Mr and I were out shopping.  It’s amazing how clothes that have been slightly big, looking good and don’t appear to be in the drawers for that terribly long suddenly look short on the arms or need to be invited to join the shoe!!  Thankfully both Mr’s are trackies and t-shirt boys… and there were still some sales on.  Makes it really easy to shop

This weekend I’m also prepping for a trip away next week.  A trip out of the country even.  On my own!!  Woo-hooo!  I’m off to Melbourne for the Stampin’ Up! convention and to say I’m looking forward to it is a fairly large understatement!  I am trying to get through the laundry, plan where the Mr’s go aftershool and how they get to rugby practice — and what might be eaten while I’m away.  This is on top of working out how little I can pack (so I have room to bring STUFF home!!), getting some swaps done (I’ve finally decided to stick to a plan!).  I do the domestic planning in order that things go relatively smoothly while I’m away – with the primary motive being that I will then be able to go away again!!  The other prep is the procrastination side coming through well and truly.  You didn’t think that I’d give up that title did you???

Speaking of procrastination, I have several cards I need to get to the post office tomorrow… there’s a few sitting here waiting for their trip out the right person!  Sigh. I never get better at that part of the process!!  There is always hope though.  Hopefully the recipients will at least appreciate I was thinking of them at a certain point… and forgive my usual lack of timing!! :oops!:

I haven’t taken a photo of the card for mother’s day that Mr 7 did at school during the week.  I knew something was coming because he was really excited about it and kept telling me about some things that he had been working on.  As always, I LOVE it… but he got a real buzz at being able to give it to me as he received a certificate for the “character writing” that he did to go inside it.


blue eyes.

brown wavey hair.

fancy rosey red cheeks



likes books.

gets take aways.

cooks all our food.


And then… “Dear mum I hope you have a very happy mothers day.  love from —–”

Totally love how these things give you an insight into what kids think 🙂

And that’s probably enough Saturday night stream of conciousness for you.


3 thoughts on “On a Saturday night

  1. love the message he so cute!!
    as for melbourne you have the BEST time…..cant wait to hear ALL about it

  2. enjoy the trip to Melbourne, so so so so live that city. Oh and BTW have a fab time at the SU Convention………Loved the description of you from Mr 7, I can see what he got a certificate for his character writing.

  3. “Fancy” red cheeks … I love it!!! 🙂

    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne! It is an absolutely fantastic city, and I know you will love it. Make sure you buy another suitcase for all the stuff you will want to buy and bring home (and I’m not just talking about SU stuff, LOL). Look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get home.

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