Catch up time again

Woah!  Really?! Two months on.

OK, so I’ve been missing in blog land again for a bit. Whoopsie.


School restarted, the boys are happy with their teachers.  Year 5 for Mr almost-10, Year 3 for Mr 7.  School touch team was signed up for again, and Mr 10 also decided to sign up for French club. I never even knew it was an option and he decided off his own bat to do it. 30 minutes once a week.  He’s loving it.


School swimming happened over two weeks and Mr 10 finished first in 25m freestyle and second in 25m backstroke.  He got to represent the school in the Western Zone competition.  Unfortunately he didn’t finish first in either of his races, but he was so pleased to be able to get to represent his school.  I was definitely one proud mum!

Proof he does concentrate!! Mr almost-10 listening to the teacher before swim races get started.

Pre-race routine…..

I have to admit – he has a nice technique.  His swimming teacher this year is working on fine tuning some things – and maybe by next year, we’ll get into the inter-zones.  That’s his goal for now.

We also had part 2 of the athletics nights.  The boys both love this – although some of the summer nights were definitely a little chilly this term!

And then after the medals get presented…. it’s time for  a brotherly noogie.  What IS it about boys and the need to give noogies??!

Summer terms seem to also mean Touch Rugby.  The end of season this year seemed to bee a very sudden shift from Summer to Winter.  The final touch game was at 4, and the first rugby practice was at 5.  Yep, we had 30 minutes between seasons!

Oh, and not to forget a fun birthday in the middle of the month.  Mr 7 decided he wanted to go back to laser strike – and have a star wars cake again. Seeing as the star wars cake from birthday number 5 was a relatively simple number, I decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit.  In order to achieve this, I knew outsourcing was the way to go…. thanks to a wonderful friend that sure knows how to bake a cake!

If you have a need (or a want!!) for a special cake, definitely check out I Want…..  She’s based here in Welly – but has been known to ship cakes all over.

Oh, and I’m not allowed to forget to tell you how much the Mr’s still enjoy playing lego.

On the crafting side of life, I’ve been pretty remiss. March was going to be LOAD (Layout A Day) … I think I got two done!  Epic fail!!  LOL  I did however manage to start and finish a knitted baby jacket for a colleague, get February and March cards out mostly on time.  Definitely good stuff.

I’ve also picked up on the OLW – One Little Word – c0ncept this year and have been doing the year long class with Ali Edwards.  I’m really enjoying it – instead of having new year’s resolutions which pretty much fall over the second they are made, OLW seems to stick. Especially with a means of documenting in.  So my word is FOCUS. As in Focus on the things that I need to – that mean something to me.  I like that the class is fluid – no actual deadlines, but prompts to keep you thinking.  I’ve not quite completed some, others I need to just pull together.  I think it will be really neat to look back at the end of the year and see how well I’ve keep this word in mind throughout the year.

And that is almost an up to date catch up.  I know that I’ve left April – but the battery on my laptop is going to stop shortly.  And it will hopefully mean I get back on here sooner rather than later!!

So I hope you in blog land have been good enough for the easter bunny to leave some treats – enjoy your Easter weekend.


5 thoughts on “Catch up time again

  1. well done on those boys for getting out there with all the phyiscal stuff they do, swimming, athletics, rugby!!!
    and yes that cake is amazing!!!!!!!

    olw….i havent even looked at april’s..must get moving on it!!

  2. Sounds like the boys are doing so well!!! Good on them! Very sporty guys you’ve got there 🙂

    I can’t believe your Mr is in year 5 and is almost 10 … my boy is in year 5 too but is still 8!

    What an amazing cake! I bet all the boys just loved it. Clever friend, you are lucky to know somebody that talented, you could pay $100’s for a professional cake like that from a cake shop.

  3. Hi Hannah.
    He’s not quite 10 yet – he will be in July…. but he thinks of himself more as 10 than 9 these days!! As for the difference in Ethan and my boy… I assume it’s because our principal has an early cut off for birthdays and academic years. Mr 9 would have been in the second half of the year anyway being in the beginning of July. So, he spent his first year at school as “Year 0” and Year 1 was the year he turned 6.

  4. enjoyed the quick catch up … now you’ve done the catch up, hope to hear more from you … just saying. And yep I know that life really does get in the way … hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  5. yes this year is flying by, looks like the boys have had a busy few months with swimming, rugby and touch rugby. Love the cake your friend made, stunning cake.

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