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where were we?

I’ve just spent some time updating my Stampin Up! blog and thought that while I was on the computer (ably assisted by Sasha the cat…. she LOVES to sit on the desk right beside the keyboard!!) I should post an update here too.

And then I got a shock…..! No summer pictures really. Goodness I have been a slacker.  So….. here’s the summer so far.

I’ve used the gallery to make it quicker to upload – feel free to click on any pics to get a closer look.

We have fun at Splash Planet, our trip to the gannets at cape kidnappers (where our tractor got stuck!), beautiful sunset overlooking ruapehu from ohakune, a bike trip for Mr 9 and hubby to the now disused viaduct, and the big accomplishment of the summer for hubby: the tongariro crossing with his brother. Weather wasn’t great, but they were very pleased.  And this weekend just gone: the scout mudslide!! Actually our mudslide was quite clean thanks to water being pumped directly from the Hutt river. The Mr’s LOVED it!!!!

5 thoughts on “where were we?

  1. Looks like a fun summer so far, water and sun and fun activities. I bet your hubby is pleased with his accomplishments….thats awesome. How cool that he has special daddy time on that bike trip.

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