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A new member of the family

Our family has grown again by one.

Never fear – it wasn’t me sneaking around being preggers or anything like that!

Instead, we’ve got a four footed member of the family. Meet Sasha.

You’ll have to excuse the pics – she’s a zippy wee thing!

Mr 6 has been missing our old pussy-cat Sam after he died suddenly when we got Angus a couple of years ago. In recent months, we realised that this “missing Sam” thing was actually a big deal. The way big, rolly tears would silently fall down his cheeks when looking at photos of Sam were a bit of a clue. So, Hubby and I resolved that we would get another cat a little sooner than we originally planned.  We told Mr 6 that the new addition would be his to pick – but that he’d have to wait until all our holidaying was over and school was back in order to let the cat adjust.

He was patient and was very excited.

So on Sunday, we went to the SPCA, armed with internet profiles of cats that fitted the kind of cat we thought would fit in with us.  I fell in love with a beautiful tabby

but she was a bit younger than what we were looking for. And Mr 6 was busy with another cat so wouldn’t be persuaded to mum’s point of view! She was in hot demand – and will be going home with a lovely girl looking for a companion.

Mr 6 was very keen on either Sasha or Maggie – I thought Maggie was a bit doo-lalley and although had been fostered with a dog previously, I suspected might have been feline trouble with a capital T.  I was therefore very pleased the final decision went Sasha’s way.  Mr 6 even loved the name so much that he decided to keep it the same.

She seems to have made herself at home very quickly.  Angus is very curious – if not a little out of joint about a new furry member of the family. His contact with her has been limited for the moment, although they are in the same room at least in the evenings. Sasha will hopefully worm her way into his doggy heart as well.


5 thoughts on “A new member of the family

  1. Hi there – just popped into your blog via. Mandys – and what do I see? cute kitten photos! well, that’s gotta be a winner in my book – and black too, just like ours! Enjoy your new ‘baby’:)

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