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A little taste

And this is definitely a teeny-tiny taste of what we did on our camping trip to Hastings….

past memory and present tense collide!



Strolling through a flea market in Napier on a VERY hot day, we discovered a caravan selling real Belgian waffles. Echte Belgische wafels. Two varieties: Brussels and Liege.  It’s the Liege variety that I used to adore whenever I was wandering in Antwerp… they were the ones sold from the hole in the wall vendors. The crunchy bits of pearl sugar…mmmmm. Super nice on a cold, winter day while you were out and about along the Meir. Actually, in truth, they were super tasty ANY time of year, but to hold something warm in your hand while strolling in winter and then eating something warm…. simply blissful.

The caravan vendor in Napier we spotted was from Belgium and we enjoyed chatting to him and his family friend that was working with him while on a holiday from Belgium. Sampling the tastes he had on display instantly brought back those yummy memories from 10 (yes, really!!) plus years ago. I was trying to persuade him that he should definitely find a hole in the wall in Welly… I’m sure it would go down a treat! He totally LOVED the fact that without thinking, I refused the plastic plate and cutlery for Mr 6 who had chosen the Liege wafle and opted just for the serviette. Just like in Belgie. (Apparently we kiwis prefer to have it served on the plate and have the knife and fork…. trust me… go with the serviette!).

Mr 9 preferred the lighter, crunchier Brussels waffle. The best one of those I tasted back then was from a cafe that specialised in them, just off the Grote Markt in Brussels.

Man, the memories that one little treat has brought back!!


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