Fun times!

Jumping into 2011

I just realised actually that I need to download the photos that actually relate to the very start of the year – and our family camping trip. Oh well. I’ll jump ahead to the pics I have already because they were emailed to me and then go back….. who needs chronology?? 😉

So, for those of you that haven’t been in cyberland in the last 24 hours and caught up with the hilarious photos on facebook already, or Mandy’s or Sue’s blogs…. here’s my take… using the photos that Kris took because those are the ones that were sent! Actually, Kris sent pretty much all the ones she took which is great because she takes lovely photos and I now have a bunch of quite nice ones of myself to use in various ways. I had asked Kris or Sue to bring along their “magic” lenses… I think they are portrait ones or something…and they do help take lovely portraits pics of people. I’d asked for them to take some photos of me as I need one for a scrapping project I’ve started. I still hate being in front of the camera and it normally shows as I get all tense and results in pretty terrible photos. However, with the confidence in the person taking the photos and especially with their magic lenses, I thought I’d get at least one I was happy with. I got a real choice with several quite nice pics of me…. Thanks Kris!!

The reason for the pearls and being slightly glammed up is that we (a bunch of scrappy friends) were together at Carmel’s and enjoying a DIY High Tea. Great fun!!

Last year workmates gave me a lovely High Tea recipe book for my birthday and although I had read and re-read and really drooled at the pretty pics, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try anything from it.

I decided to give some macaroons a go:

They were mixed berry rather than strawberry and definitely lumpier on the top than the lovely flat ones inside the recipe book (does anything ever come out the way it looks in a book???!!)

We drank from wonderful, old-fashioned tea cups that I think Carmel said were her nana’s… each of us had a different kind.

I was able to provide my fancy tea set which I got as a 21st present and rarely sees the light of day (because to be honest, I’d never drink that amount of tea on my own!)

There were little, bitty scones with cream and jam, wonderful shaped cucumber sandwiches, homemade from scratch cream puffs, yummy salami and cheese sandwiches, some gluten-free toasties which were sooo more-ish and at least a couple of more goodies that I’m sure I’ve left out.

Once the food and the chat and the looking over December Daily albums (Sue’s, Carmel’s and Mandy’s) had been completed, Mandy wanted some advice from Sue as to how to go about setting up a successful jumping shot. Yes, I blame Mandy entirely for the fun we had for the next part of the afternoon!!!!

Sue gave us a couple of examples….

…and the madness took hold.

All in all, a great way to JUMP into 2011.


Mr 9 has just seen this and declared: “You were jumping in the air? ….Silly billy!” He’s not far wrong there!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Jumping into 2011

  1. haha this is great!!! but you didnt tell everyone we voted you BEST dressed !!! (kelly looked stunning all!!!) and yes can i say jumping is quite tiring…and very , very funny!!!
    was the best day ever!!! (and nice to catch up again!!!)

  2. I have enjoyed seeing the pics on Mandy’s blog and on Facebook. LOVE the first one of you, Kris really does take gorgeous pics and you look STUNNING, Kelly! Just beautiful! Oh, and your macaroons look sooooo good!

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