Another update out of the blue!

Ok, so when I said I was back last time, I didn’t mean to be away for quite so long again!! I have to admit, not having the computer to check in on daily has broken the habit of blogging and reading blogs almost every single day. And I’d have to add to that – before the habit was broken, there was a lot more reading than writing going on anyway 😆

Now the computer is back up and running again, I still have to do things like re-add some programs. Download some pics from the camera…. that sort of thing. Plus there’s been a fair bit of activity as we wound down the school year, got ready for Christmas as all that seasonal good stuff.

With any luck, I WILL resume the habit of updating more regularly.

One thing I haven’t been doing nearly as much as what i intended is scrapping and generally creating for myself through the year. Earlier in the year I decided to get the Project Life kit to see how that would jazz things up – get the momentum of actually doing SOMEthing back. I got that in the middle of the year, but just couldn’t bring myself to start it then. In my mind, things like that need to start 1 January!!

Well, last week, a few days before Christmas, I broke it out of its box and had a good hunt around the web to check out how other people had set it up. I have to say, I got quite excited at the fact I had the basic set up ready to go – for the ENTIRE year! – in under an hour. Going with the concept of doing it your-own-way, I then decided what the hey… I’m going to have a bit of a “prequel” to my album by including stuff in that last week to 10 days over Christmas. And so I started taking a few pics here and there. And noting some journalling! Yay – sooo simple!! I already realised that I don’t want to have the pressure of a photo a day and I am expecting my version of the project to be a lot more a case of documenting parts of the week or even the month – but that sometimes I’ll want more space than just the given format. So I’ve already ordered different kinds of page inserts and am totally OK with documenting 2011 in however it comes. The key for me is knowing that this will get the photos out of the camera or the hard drive and have little stories put with it – without the hassle of carting all my creative stuff out of the batcave to the dining table and back again. And just because this makes it so easy, I know that sometimes, I’m going to WANT to do that carting my stuff up and down stairs! So I’m really looking forward to getting some of the stories documented and the creative urge coming back to join me.

Not that it left entirely – I’ve been knitting for my niece, plus a couple of babies that have made an appearance in recent weeks. And I’ve been enjoying the slower pace of that…. but I have got itchy fingers that want to get in amongst the pretty paper and the glue again! 😆

Another little (huh!!!) project that I have planned for over the summer is to get organised. Our family is one that loves to keep things – “just in case”. Our house is one that has quite a lot of storage space. One would think that these things go hand in hand. Truth is…. a lot of storage space not well used = a LOT of disorganised clutter. It’s way over time this project was taken in hand … and this summer is the time to do it. Having the outside re-roofed and re-painted has freshened up the exterior brilliantly…. now it’s time to get the inside stuff done too. It’s a biggie, but another one I’m looking forward to getting stuck into.

And just because I hate having a post with no pictures, I have found some in the folder that I downloaded just before we had our computer sorted out. They’re from our trip to Whanganui back in October – and they made me think of Janine: it’s the teapot tree outside the cafe near the lovely Whangaui park.

Enjoy the last few days of 2010 🙂



5 thoughts on “Another update out of the blue!

  1. YAH for you breaking out project life… i got last years one and is still in the box (currently have it on trade me) cos i got the new one too. I AINT doing a photo a day cos that nearly killed me!!! but after a years break i am looking forward to IT being my album…like we used to do in the ‘olden days’..slip in a pic and write some words,….maybe with the odd layout tucked in there!!!

    glad you are joining in too…cant wait to see what you create with it…

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your Project Life. I did it ‘my’ way this year – not a photo a day – and have also enjoyed having the photos off the hard drive and into an album – with no time to do lots of scrapping this album suited me to the ground!

  3. I hope you had a great Christmas, Kelly!
    Wow, that tree is pretty cool … wouldn’t that be neat to have in the backyard? A way to display those old china cups … 😉

  4. Nice to see you back! I like the idea of PL but I couldn’t keep up with P12 this year, so I would never cope with PL. I lke the album and the refills though!

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