Still here :)

I have been neglecting my little blog for a while. Life goes on as it does and somehow there doesn’t seem to be a lot to note or to catch up on with it all seemingly ordinary. But we’ve been busy too in amongst all that ordinary, every day living thing.

For a start, the Mr’s are back at school and have just completed the term four swimming session. This involves them catching buses every morning for two weeks (well, four out of the five school mornings) and heading down to Huia pool. Nothing beats it to make them nice and tired by the end of the week! Lucky then that Labour day came this year at the end of that two week period and we’ve had a really relaxing time of it. Well, they have. I managed to come down with a cold on Friday that put me out of action on Saturday and Sunday…. only to come right today. Which could be a good thing…. I’ve managed to get through a lot of the tasks I had planned on doing over the three-day weekend in just one day…. and now I’m ready for my holiday!!! 😆

During the school hols, we went over to Whanganui (or Wanganui if you prefer) for a week. I have to say, I was a bit dubious about the location but when we picked a place not already taken via the Post Office Welfare Trust ballot within a four hour driving time limit, it was either Whanganui or Palmerston North. And Whanganui would at least have a beach.

Proved to be a brilliant way to relax. I’ve been impressed by the small town charms of the place and would be happy to go back there again. Mr 6 didn’t learn to ride his bike the way we had planned he would, Mr 9 did have a tanty-wobbly on the last day and made my hair turn even greyer or at least wonder why I ever thought having children was a good idea, but Hubby and I DID manage to relax and that is what we needed most.


5 thoughts on “Still here :)

  1. Sounds like you have been a busy bee. Gotta love a berak away and it sounds like ya trip was successful. Bumma about the head cold last weekend. Good to see you back online.

  2. There are also houses at Riversdale but I think they may book up quickly. And quite a big house at Ohakune

  3. Hey Kelly, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am VERY behind with my blog reading, I am so sorry! But it was lovely to read an update from you. It sounds like you had an enjoyable trip and I love the photos!

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