Bits and bobs – aka post number 1057

This post might well got out without a title – I can’t think of one yet!

We’re in the midpoint of the hols – not doing too badly with it.

Except for one or two external stressors. Namely, the fact that I am shifting jobs, trying to get loose ends tied off in the current one and putting two weeks original handover of the new job into two mornings….yikes!

To begin at the beginning, an opportunity arose a few weeks ago when I heard that head Office was going to be looking for a replacement to cover for Maternity Leave for ten months. I had a chat and lo and behold, I’m moving to HO. Should be fun! BUT I was meant to be starting on the 19 July to give me a good two week handover period with the person that’s in the job and who I’ll be covering. Her baby had lots of other ideas and made an appearance about 3 weeks ago… seriously prem. Luckily baby is doing very well and is hopefully coming out of hospital care soon. In the meantime, mum has been coming in when she can fit it around baby and hospital. And I’m working my “School Hols” hours – meaning there is actually very little time for me and her to get together for her to show me the ropes. Luckily for me, she’s pretty awesome and I know that she will be on the end of the phone if need be…. like when I break one of her babies (I was so seriously convinced I’d done that within 10 minutes of working on something on my own!! LOL)

So that’s the new job – looking forward to it, but with a slight sense of trepidation – what have I got myself into??!   :LOL:

The old job in the meantime, has a new manager who it would be fair to say we’ve all yet to fully get used to. I know my well oiled schedules and workflow have gone out the window – and now the fact I’m trying to prepare guides etc for the person covering my secondment has certainly not made it any easier. Still, I’m not leaving the organisation so I’m sure that it will all sort itself out one way or another!

The few days I’ve had at home with the Mr’s have been deliberately low-key. I needed to de-stress a little and they had been all around at friend’s places and one day at a holiday programme. The weather also gave us a great excuse to just chill out. Quite a few tasks are still to be done before Hubby is picked up from the airport (oh yeah, he’s done in Dunners until lunch time today – National Brass Band comps again – that’s come around fast!!). The sun is out today so I think that will be enough to get our juices flowing and moving at a greater speed than we have the last few days 😉

I’ve also been busy with the crafting side of things. For the first time in aaaaaages, I got to meet up with Beverley and Janine at a vintage themed crop Beverley was running. First time in aaaaages as well that I’ve been to a crop! Beverley had a great example and I pretty much went along with that to produce:

That’s my dad and my aunt – still trying to sort out where they were and the details before I decide what I’m going to journal. Seeing my dad’s blonde curls (he has dead straight used-to-be-black hair these days!) makes me realise there is more of my genes in Mr 9 than I thought. I’m wondering how I can let loose his curls again without him looking like he drags himself through bushes!

Beverley also showed us how to make a very cute bird in a cage – which I’ve yet to photograph.

The neighbourhood crafting evenings have also been going strong – in June Donna and I demonstrated the One-Sheet-Wonder concept. Interestingly, the local MP had made arrangements with the centre co-ordinator to show up. It was a miserable night and I was actually surprised at the decent turnout – including some new faces, but when Chris Hipkins walked through the door I was seriously taken aback. I actually thought that he’d come for something else – but no, he was there to see what we were up to. He was a very good sort and produced two pretty decent cards to take back to his staff.

Last Monday I then demonstrated a couple of gift ideas at the Epuni card group. That went down quite well too – and wouldn’t you know it – the sample that is being taken to use over at the Tawa night, I didn’t get a photo of first! I’m not much good at taking photos of these things lately!!

Right, well that’s been a quick catch up. I better get a move on with some of those chores before picking Hubby up – and working out what I’m doing with the Mr’s later this week. I’m thinking a visit to the Planetarium might be an option… will let you know how that works out.


3 thoughts on “Bits and bobs – aka post number 1057

  1. All the very best for the new job – the training and the getting used to a new role and the juggling. I know you’ll be fine and I’m sure you will enjoy the position. Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and the trip to the Planetarium – photos please!

  2. Enjoy all the challenges in your new role … and hey you … don’t stress about it … it’s not worth it, honest … go with the flow.

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