I’m here! I’m here!!

*Waves Furiously at Mrs Frizz!*

Thank you for checking in on me – Mrs Frizz asked me a few days ago where I was because I hadn’t updated in a wee while…. I knew it had been a while but reall…. I’ve been blog-absent for THAT long?!

No excuses, no dramas… all pretty boring really. 2010 sure has been a bit of an unusual year so far. The family is still doing its thing – tearing around here, there and everywhere but not doing that much out of the ordinary.

Time has been pretty precious to me – my usual complaints at there not being enough hours in the day seemed to extend to not enough days in the week or weeks in the month even. I’ve not really made time to update up here, or comment around the place terribly much. Instead, I’ve been one of those dreadful lurkers… you know, comes in from Google reader when I see YOU have updated, read what you’ve been creating, or doing, or visiting (Hannah!) then going to the next blog on my reader. While it keeps me in touch with what YOU have all been up to, it’s not that rich, satisfying experience that used to come with the sharing I became used to. Hubby even pointed out I’d been a terrible blogger – and so, while the last game is being played at Carisbrook, I’m sitting upstairs with the sole purpose of filling you in on what we’ve all been up to.

But I have to warn you…. it’s far from exciting!! 🙂

  • Both the greeblers are enjoying rugby – somehow despite all the rain here in Welly, we’ve only had one cancellation!

Mr Just-Two-Weeks-From-9 is the one in the head gear – in the front row of the scrum!! I’m trying to figure out how that happened considering my view on him NOT getting those Cauliflower ears!

And Mr 6 in his first game of the season in Under 7s… where he scored about five or six tries. He was AWESOME that day. He has scored a couple of good ones since then, but tends to be a good supporter with lots of running, taking the ball up and good rips.

  • Mr 6 started at Keas at the beginning of Term 2 – and here he is getting invested and getting his scarf. We managed to persuade his best friend’s dad (who I hasten to add was itching to get back into scouting!) to become a Kea leader. Mr 6 had 3 of his besties start on the same night as he did – fun and games…. fun and games!!
  • ANAZC day – these cubs look very tired as they line up for their Parade March. Why? Because they had an ANZAC sleepover! They were up til midnight according to the almost-9 year old… partly as old soldiers told them some stories, or they practiced marching and generally doing those kind of sleepover things that cubs do. Biccies and Milo is one such ritual. The other I think is less about cubs and more about being almost 9, and being a boy, and being an almost 9 year old boy amongst a group of other 8, 9 and almost 10 year old boys. There is a reason I’m not a cub leader…. and I’m pretty sure a lot of it will be to do with cub sleepovers. Why it even has the word “Sleep” in the title, I’ll never work out!!

Aaaaaaannnnnyway…. Here’s the zombie like Mr almost-9 as they are about to embark on the public service at 8.30am. I wouldn’t have been there – except the keas joined them – and they weren’t on the sleep over! This was the first service the Mr’s and I attended this year.

  • Here is the second – the later, mid-morning (and to be honest….faaaar more civilised an hour!) service at Taita Cemetary. Hubby’s band again played at this service as they do every year.

  • My mum had her 60th in a very quiet way in the depths of rural Ashburton. She was surprised with a Pot-luck dinner organised by her hubby. She only knew that her sister was coming down from Christchurch and her brother up from Timaru for the night. Another brother flew down from Auckland. I flew in from Wellington and arrived with my brother and sister from Christchurch – which was an even bigger surprise as we’d all told her we couldn’t make it down! I was in Christchurch for literally 24 hours including the trip further down to Ashburton. Whirlwind visit!!

  • And then, I’ve been doing things with my camera. Here is an example of how I actually used my “M” setting on my little baby during a practical night of Macro shooting. From this…..

…. to this in just a few little twiddles of some dials! I am one of the few in the camera club that doesn’t own an SLR, but I am trying to figure out what I can do with it without using the presets. It was very exciting to be taught how things worked together and see an almost instant improvement!

  • On the job front, things are a-changing. You may recall (actually, you might now… it was lightyears ago!) I survived the restructure proposal back in Feb / March. Well, my manager had looked – and found – for a new situation as a result of the proposal. She left at the end of April, and I have to say that I really miss her. Thankfully, we catch up regularly! I have a new manager that started about 3 weeks ago – and I’m having fun training him up to how things were done before!! 😀

That has kept me busy as we all learn to work under new leadership. There’s a few new things coming up for me as well on that front – but a few of them are still being shaped, so for now, I’m still loving the work and thriving being back in the workforce again.

The house…..not so much….  I’m still struggling with the routines of running a house, being a mum and being a working mum. It’s quite embarrassing how many jobs around the place haven’t really been kept up with….. :oops!: Still, I say that’s all a work in progress and one way or another, that WILL get better!

I’ve also not been that crafty – or at least not that Scrappy! It’s that time thief again! I’m seeing all these beautiful creations around the place and taking all these photos… and NOT scrapping them! So that’s another thing I plan on sorting out and making time for. I miss my paper and my glue! Oh, and those of you that blog or facebook… you’ll have noticed there’s not only been very little action happening here… but also at your Cyber-place. Again… time! I have, however, been keeping up with you mostly… thanks to Google Reader. Yes, I’m coming out and admitting to becoming a bit of a lurker…. Readers let you see all your bloggy-friends posts – but if you don’t actually click through – you don’t leave evidence , or calling-cards, of your visit. I’m trying to leave some love here and there a bit more these days – but, well… I’m pretty useless really!! 😆

Anyway… that’s all the update from me for now – I really am anxious to get down and see what’s been happening in Dunners…. Promise it won’t be so long til next time!


7 thoughts on “I’m here! I’m here!!

  1. That time thief sure has a lot to answer for then. LOL. Great to hear all your news and good to see you back round the forums.

  2. i am with you,……GR lets you read the blogs…but commenting is extra steps…..though i have worked out that if i read 3 blogs….i leave ALL my comments on the last one!!!!
    as for crafty…maybe we need another crop so you can come along and catch up!!!!! (cos we have missed you!!!!)

  3. Hey good to read an update, and read what’s been going on for you and the family. Glad things are okay.

  4. Good to hear all your catch up news. Glad that you’re enjoying work and I undesrtand about being busy, but you have to MAKE time for you!

  5. It’s great to hear an update from you, Kelly. I too had been wondering what you and the family had been up to. When I was down in Wellington I had hoped to catch up with you, and then that reminded me that I hadn’t read anything on your blog lately. Of course you know I can totally relate to being busy and not really feeling like posting … but it sure was nice to read about what you have been doing and seeing photos of the boys.

  6. welcome back to the land of blogging … yep – can totally relate to that time thief visiting … he needs to find someone else to annoy – lol!!!

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