Wedding Bells

It’s been a while again – March has been one of those months. An emotional roller-coaster: from the uncertainty to certainty with the job, the joys of my little brother’s wedding, to two funerals in one week and now Hubby’s mum is in hospital. We’re not exactly sure what is going on and are hoping to get some answers soon. Being that kind of month, I’m not going to dwell on the tougher aspects of it here, but instead share some of the seriously fun few days we had in the wonderful BoP at my brother’s wedding. He’s my little brother, Glenn, and you might spot why *Little* brother indicates the sibling order only!!

Here we go!

Michelle, Glenn, Me – I’m the eldest and once upon a time was the tallest! I’d like to add that Michelle’s heels were higher than mine!!

Me and Hubby

The Bride making a very grand entrance. Not sure if the photo will enlarge – but hopefully you will see Erin is actually taking photos of us!! LOL

Having waited for the blades to stop, the bridal party leaves the helicopter

Little Brother “got some dust in his eye” when he saw his Miss 8 leading the procession:

Miss 8

I think there were a few of us with “dusty eyes” at this point!

And more again – although Glenn vowed to allow Erin her Mad, scientist ways, while she allowed him is MySky addiction! 🙂

Following the signing, there were bubbles of one kind

….and another.

The four cousins.

The newly Mr&Mrs

And then I handed the camera over to the Mr’s while we were chatting and photos were being taken. It is interesting to see what turned up. These ones are from Mr 6:

Quite nice they are too.

These ones are from Mr 8 – don’t forget he loves dogs!

…and he’s a boy so we need the dog’s bum shot!!

The camera was back with mum to catch some speech action – and whaddya know…. Now tell me, is that natural to be able to do that???????

Some very funny and very touching speeches being enjoyed.

And just when I thought things were getting serious with some fancy wedding first dance moves…. they break out into something entirely different!

It was a wonderful weekend and a truly fantastically fun wedding. And did you note Erin’s gorgeous dress?? I’ve told Hubby that I think we need to have a wedding again – I loved her dress almost a little more than my one so I want to try again!!! 😀


8 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. Looks like it was lots of fun Kelly … and you’re looking good … in fact seeing you in these photos makes me realise it’s been simply ages since I saw you in real life … we MUST catch up! Sorry to hear about all the not so happy stuff going on too … hoping your mil is okay.

  2. Great photos, Kelly! It is lovely to see you in some of them too, you are looking extremely gorgeous! 😉
    It looks like such a FUN wedding. Congrats to your “little” brother and his wife!

  3. looks like fun … laughed at the shot of the dog’s backside … yep, typical boy thing … lol.

    Great photo of you and your brother and sister …

  4. Love how the boys took some shots lol at the bum shot. You looked beautiful in that frock….Sorry to hear about your mil. Hugs…

  5. come on … come on … come on … where are you …

    Haven’t had an update for a while …

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