It’s all good news!

Well those of you that see me on Facebook will have heard the loud squeal of excitement, and possibly even have felt some wind as I let go that huge breath I’d been holding for a month.

Yesterday was D-Day -> Decision Day. When I got into the office, there was already a message on my phone requesting I attend a meeting at 11.30. I was told that it was fine to bring a support person. Considering I know I stop hearing what is being said to me when I focus in on the main message, I thought this was a good suggestion and promptly asked one of my colleagues along. Usually it would have been my manager with me, but she was on annual leave so I really didn’t want to go in alone.

I have to confess, I already knew I had “a” job to go to – it was still with the agency, but was less challenging and at a lower pay rate. The suggestion had been put to me just before my manager went away, and I was grateful for the offer – and had every intention of taking the job should the worst case scenario occur. I’m not too proud, and I really, really enjoy working at the agency.

It wasn’t something that I wanted everyone to know in advance however, so it was a little hard to keep that one under wraps and ensure that processes were followed to the letter. I was also expecting a change from the original proposal after a meeting about 10 days ago where signals started getting muddied a little. In retrospect, my manager read the situation correctly – I was a little more cynical and thought the purpose of the meeting was to ensure that we had been given every chance to “consult” and to understand we had received offers of assistance. I’m sticking the my “…preparing for the worst, hoping for the best” mantra!

Anyway, at 11.32 the small talk had finished and the transition manager started to tell me what the decision was. In a nutshell: the feedback received from the proposed structure led the decision makers to re-think the part relating to removing a fourth region and to not dis-establish it. Result? My manager’s role and therefore mine is safe! For now. It’s likely to be looked at again as the agency is moved into the ministry, but there is a lot of water to go under the bridge until that happens and at least 12 months.

I was floored by the news – and very grateful that my colleague was there to hear the information. My brain literally stopped at the point of “we’re not dis-establishing your role”! Right at the end of the meeting, I’m sure I was grinning like a loon and did a bit of a happy-toe-dance while acknowledging that it might not have been the most appropriate thing to do. But then, this man did have to go on and give some not so great news to other staff on this day, and he might as well know that he made someone’s day.

I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever been directly involved in such a job related drama. I am so lucky to be in a situation where I’m working because I want to. It made me realise once again there are so many people less fortunate than me. I really, truly appreciate all the support given to me through the period, and I’m sincerely hopeful that the others that received less good news yesterday find their silver lining.


5 thoughts on “It’s all good news!

  1. Fantastic news Kel, and something to celebrate…..whoo hooo. So pleased it worked out in the end. Great that you had a back up plan to consider if things didn’t work out and even better now that you can go back and say thanks but no thanks.

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