Hanging in there – just

Job Update:

Has it really been just three weeks since I last wrote here? In so many ways it feels like a LOT longer.

No news on the final decision regarding my job as yet – the official announcement and decision is due out Monday of next week. The consultation period closed last Monday and all submissions will be looked at and considered. For the most part since I saw the new “proposed structure” document, I’ve been able to feel positive that something would happen. Then every now and again I begin to feel the weight of the uncertainty upon me. I have a few irons in the fire and hopefully at least one of those will come into fruition. There was one application I felt was “perfect” – and just yesterday I got the dreaded “Sorry, but no” response. That was a bit hard as I hadn’t even gotten an interview and I thought that I would have gotten that far at least.

Still, I tell myself that it won’t have been personal – I have no idea of the other kind of candidates or criteria that is being used to judge applications that come in. But it is hard when you see something you think is a perfect fit and you don’t even get to first base…..sigh!

Add in to the mix the natural speculation that goes on when these things happen, various interpretations on various signals that seem to be sent out – or are they?? – and the continued uncertainty certainly makes the days drag out much more than you would have thought so. For the moment, I’m just holding on to what I’m doing now and waiting for the powers that be to come out with the decision, whatever it is. Roll on Monday!!


Moving along to other things that tend to occupy my mind right now – Summer – officially over.


Yeah, that was my reaction too when someone remarked on that official fact of life yesterday – we are officially now in AUTUMN!! Hardly fair when it feels like Summer never truly arrived!

Luckily I have evidence of good times on the summery days that DID make an appearance here and there.

The appearance of a new washing machine provided some new entertainment. We’ve always had a top-loader and our 16 year old one had been nursed along for the last three or so years. I wanted one of those new flash toploaders that almost turned themselves on after filling up the powder dispenser while Hubby was after a front loader. Months and months of to-ing and fro-ing until finally the Consumer magazine articles finally won me over. I still wasn’t prepared to pay the astronomical prices many front loaders come with plus the good old F&P was on the Consumer “worth considering” list, as well as being sure of actually getting parts should we need it  – and that’s what we got.  Apparently for at least one afternoon, it was better than TV!

Lazy picnics at places like Tunnel Gully where we can bring the puppy.

Long summer evenings where even after dinner you can ride and ride and ride and ride your bike with mates til it gets dark. Ok, so these particular pictures were taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon were Liz and I observed with cups of tea in hand, but the Mr’s and the Neighbour Mr’s have never spent so much time on bikes as they have this summer. The joys of long, lazy summery days and cul-de-sacs.

And knowing you are too cool!

And being too darned cute and determined before you’re even two! Neighbour Miss is the cutest menace you’ll find 🙂

While Liz and I sat on the grass outside our fence, watching the boys, Neighbour Miss wanted to head on out too – but needs a spot of sunscreen first. Love the over big hat!!

And then Mr 8 also got the chance to spend some time in the mud! It’s the annual scout mudslide day dontcha know??

And then just last weekend was the Brass in the Park day. This time all bands played in one park: Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt.

And close up of Hubby:

I love my camera…. this is using both the optical and the digital zoom to give me 80x zoom…. and you can actually make out details!!!!! Oh, Canon, how I love thee!!!!

And then….. just for anyone that may be interested (Memphis??) – something with sound was meant to have been added here – YouTube isn’t playing nice with me – I’ll try to add it in the next few days.


6 thoughts on “Hanging in there – just

  1. love the dog and kids shots….i too live in a cul-de-sac but with the number of cars that come down to turn around… i dunno if safe enough for kids…yours looks nice though…hey hope the job of your dreams arrives soon

  2. Gotta love cul-de-sac living especially with kids and bikes and rollerblades and wiggle boards and water fights and skateboards. LOL. Good luck on the job front. Its tough out there all right. Only 3 interviews for a checkout position at the local supermarket,from 300 applicants- Lex was one of the 300. LOL

  3. Fantastic pics … yep, love my wee canon … point and shoot one it is … fabbo pics … but yep, some of you have got those extra fandangle flash things … OMG I would have no idea and would be still ummmmmmmmmm … around long after the photo should have been taken.

    Good luck on the job front …

  4. love the mud shot, looks like he was having a blast. I was surprised when March 1 snuck up on us, I felt like you “where was summer”. Whoo hoooo at new appliances.

    I hope that Monday brings you good news. As for the job thing, I applied for one two weeks ago and didn’t get an interview either….was hard to swallow but then like you in your last post I thought of lemonade, and figured what will be will be in my case.

    Something will come along Kel, whether its in the new structure at work or somewhere else.

  5. I’m very sad that summer never arrived for you guys … we have had an endless summer that isn’t letting up, even now that it is officially autumn! It would have been nice if the summery weather had been more evenly spread across the country! 😉
    All the best for the job situation. Waiting is awful, but you have such a great attitude towards the whole thing. I am positive that something great will come of all this, which will be even better than you anticipated! xx

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