Beginning the year as I mean to go on

Throughout the year last year, I knew I wasn’t doing as much scrapping for myself as I wanted. There are lots of stories and lots of photos that I really want to get in and play with. When Hubby asked me the other day “what did I want to do before going back to work?” my first thought was – “Something crafty!”. Luckily for me, the weather conjured up some great indoor weather – how else can you look at wind and rain in what is meant to be fantastically gorgeous summer time days???

I gave my space a bit of a shuffle (I can’t say “tidy” cos that would be lying! That is another job for another day!!) and created some space at my little table. The first thing I did was get a card out of the way which has been in my head – I don’t know any babies about to be born as yet, but this will come in handy once I do!

Then I headed to Harvey Norman / Norman Ross (side bar: why do both stores exist in the same building and attempt to compete?? I know they are owned by the same people so I just don’t get it!!) Norman bet out Harvey’s VIP price on enlargements, so I did my printing at Norman’s for a change. I needed some 8 x 10s for the school photos as I decided finally, I really needed to get started on the Becky Higgins School Years kits that have been waiting for me to do something with for at least 18 months if not longer! I’ve been collecting items from the Mr’s from their pre-school activities and popping them into the provided pockets but hadn’t actually scrapped any photos. I have now! They might be basic (very basic), but as a first dip of the toe back into scrapping, the pages were just what I needed.

The kits are definitely American with “Grades” instead of years, but I figured I can make this work with a bit of good old Dymo.

Mr 8 in Year 3,

Mr 5 in Year 1.

A little planning on what I need to do for the other pages is needed but they will get done before the end of this month. Then I just need to catch up on the rest of the pre-school items like kindy and the like and I’m up to date on these albums! Great because that will keep me motivated for the upcoming years. Despite being stung on the shipping price (the kits themselves were awesome value – plus it was even better at the time because the $NZ was really good!), I’m still pleased I got these kits. It’s going to be fun to have something simple, cohesive and all-encompassing of the Mr’s school lives at the end of however many years I’m looking at!

Once these were done, I had the need to break out my new Circle Scissors (new in the Stampin Up Summer mini… there’ll be more about those over on my SU blog: Kelly’s Stampin Spot if you want to take a look over there in the next few days and weeks 🙂 ). There was also a challenge on Scrappin Patch’s forum (to use a frame of some sort) so I ended up the day with this next page.

I felt like this was a pretty good haul for someone that hasn’t touched her scrapping supplies for many (too many!) months. It certainly made me want to keep up with the urge to scrap so I have a feeling there is likely to be more pages being done over the remainder of the year! I’m determined to get more of our stories told as well as keep up with the other crafty urges I’ve unleashed through ’09!  Plus, it felt oh-so-good to dive back into my underloved stash of scrapping goodness.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that little tour of scrappy goodness. I’m off to fold some washing so that maybe I can get another little project started before I go back to work tomorrow morning!

PS – for those of you that are interested in Stampin Up goodies, there is an Inventory Clearance Sale on at the moment – until 24 January, in fact. Click over to my SU blog, and check out the Current Specials image. Click on that and it will take you to the file with all the goodies in the sale – some of the sets are up to 50% off. There’s some great Alpha sets perfect for layout titles at just $46 (half-price) and then there is the awesome value “Wonderful favourites” set – 23 stamps for just over $35. (This set in my view was way under-priced to begin with, and now at the sale price, it’s incredible value.) This last set is a great one for all kinds of family members on your layouts and helps make great cards.

I am, of course!, happy to place an order for you if you are interested in any of the items. Just send me an email and let me know. I’m looking to place an order for this sale 14th January, and then any last minutes orders on the 24th.


8 thoughts on “Beginning the year as I mean to go on

  1. diving into your scrapping goodies…sounds fun…i too am looking forward to doing more of that in 2010…cute card too…love the giraffe

  2. Oh that’s right, Mandy! I’d forgotten you loved giraffes! It’s one of the new sets in the Summer mini – got four really cute animals. Perfect for little kiddy birthday cards – and surprisingly a lot more too. 😉

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