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Some pics as promised and another new beginning

Happy New Year!!

Another new Year, and another new decade. I’m constantly amazed at how fast the time just zooms by. At the BBQ/party we were at last night, we were comparing tales from a decade ago – almost all of us sans kiddos.  And being a big night (you remember….. a new Millenium!) we all had tales to tell. Awesome stuff. I hope you and yours celebrated in good ways 🙂

As promised in my last post, I downloaded my pics. All 858 of them. Uh-huh…. 858 in one month alone! Wow…. I wonder if it was the influence of the new toy or not?!

Anyway, I couldn’t possibly inflict all 858 photos on you. Besides, I don’t think I would be finished even now if I had decided to do just that! So here is a taster from our week in Ohope. And guess what? It barely scratches the surface of even those pictures!! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll get the idea!

You’ll see lots of surf and sand… the gorgeous Pohutakawas, our Christmas hats, cousins, berry picking, gingerbread house building (YUM!!) and playing in the sprinklers at Creel Lodge (Turangi).

Having put all of these photos from December I’ve realised that I have a TON of material to scrap. Plus all the items I’ve not done through the year. I was a slacker scrapper in ’09! But I’m really itching to get back into some good creative messes. Having spent quite a number of minutes (…hours?!) taking the photos from camera to PC, I have also completed a couple of digi pages a la Jessica Sprague’s Holidays in Hand class. Great templates and papers were given away in the free class.

The plan is to get December’s activities into a photo book. Shutterfly or Snapfish for printing? Any thoughts?

Right – having spent a good number of hours on the PC today, I’m being told to get down and cook dinner. The cheek!! Actually, I think the late night last night meant they were all happy to let me play while the Mr’s all chilled out in one form or another.

So happy 2010 to you all – see you soon!


6 thoughts on “Some pics as promised and another new beginning

  1. Happy New Year, Kelly! Great to see some of the photos you’ve taken, looks like December was a fun month!
    Yep, it’s amazing to look back to NYE 1999 … Rob & I were camping at Hahei with some friends, we had only been married for 7 months. I remember midnight ticking over and the world NOT ending, there was SO much cheering from all around the beach and campsite, much more than normal. Fun times.

  2. Happy New Year Kelly … may 2010 be a year of good times, good photos and good scrapping … yep this is the year to get back into scrapping. Love your digi layout by the way. :o)

  3. Happy New Year Kelly. Looks like you had a wonderful break away….loved the photos. Nice new toy you have there too, yippe for husbands who travel overseas. Sounds like your doing an awesome job of juggling work and home and being a wife and mum. Hope to catch up with you this year…. ;-p

  4. Happy New Yaer and hope you gets lots of scrapping done. I took about 700 photos on our holiday and so need to cull many of them before scrapping them

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