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The Bit in the Middle

The week in between Christmas and New Year is usually one spent relaxing, having spent the energy on the Christmas festivities and lead up and reviewing the year just about done, while looking forward to the new beginnings that New Year always presents.

This year is a little different.

While we’re still relaxing, we’re also in Post-Holiday mode. We did our Christmas getaway the week before Christmas this year – which is just one of the reasons I was juggling a few extra balls in the air while the Hubster was away! Trying to finish school, get pressies, sort stuff, get ready for holiday all prior to 17th December…. was…. interesting!!

Well, I did it. I determined that this year, Christmas away would mean that the very barest of traditions would be brought with us to Ohope. That meant we got our family Christmas, but in a relaxed fashion. It was a good plan: the Mr’s declared the day as being “… the best Christmas, EVER!”

I’m pretty pleased with that statement! 😆

So, a week in Ohope – across the road from one of the nicest beaches I know. Warm, sunny days every day. Swimming in the surf. Running along the beach in the balmy evenings (well, for me that would be one of those evenings!) Pick Your Own berries for Christmas. Santa Stockings and way too many presents. Mini roast lamb and pavlova with lashing of berries, cream and coulis. And then topped off with a trip up the road for an hour to Paengaroa and spending the day unexpectedly with my Brother and his fiance at her parents property.

Just Awesome!

I’m now in post-vacation mode – washing, grocery shopping and tidying away. One of my chores on the To Do list is to down load pictorial evidence of the above activities.

I’m in the “Bit in the Middle” now so I’ll hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, are enjoying your own Bits in the Middles and will catch up again soon.

5 thoughts on “The Bit in the Middle

  1. The ‘bit in the middle’ … yep, that’s exactly what it is … and I’m off work this year enjoying that ‘bit in the middle’ … seems a little strange, but kinda liking it really.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

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