Burning at both ends

I’ve come straight to the posting page without checking to see how long it’s been since the last time I was here. Too long is the answer.

I’ve gotten good at juggling things in the air – remembering who needs to be where and at what time and for how long and who I’ve arranged to be somewhere in my place because I’m actually somewhere different. Notice the lack of pausing there? It’s kind of like real life right now.

Hubby has been away again. This time, the trip he left on back in mid-November for a week turned into a month while he was over there. Not much to say or do (especially as I had condoned the potential for the extention prior to him leaving!! In my defence, I thought the extention would go to an extra week and a half or so …NOT a whole month!!!)

Put that among being in the second week of a new job, and the school wind down, and the looming festivities. Yeah. Busy doesn’t really cover what life has been like. Thankfully I’ve had friends around me that were able to help me keep burning the candle at both ends without actually burning out. The ones that let me share a drink or two and their company so I didn’t go mad, the ones who kindly sent their husband over to babysit so I could see them in person, the ones who helped me ensure one child got between places while I was getting either myself or the other child between two different places. I really, really, really wouldn’t know what to do without the support of my amazing friends. During the whole month, I only dropped one ball – and that was on Friday, and while a pain in the bum, it wasn’t life and death urgent so it’s been rescheduled. Not bad is the summary there!

I didn’t like to say Hubby was away online while he was actually away. While I assume it’s all people with kind thoughts and vibes that pop on here and look for updates, you never can be so sure. And while he was away, I had many a late night as I attempted to keep some of those balls in the air, but strangely, I didn’t have too many chances to get on the computer. How does that work??!

So that’s the reason for the lengthy blog-holiday.

And wouldn’t you know it…. the school holidays are upon us – school broke up today at midday. I now have monsters to juggle, seriously delayed festivity activities to still get around to, shopping to attend to, post to post and….

Those balls being juggled haven’t seemed to get smaller in number – just a change of colour! Sheesh! And I’ve been very, very surprised at the fact the bottle of Vanilla Vodka brought through duty-free is still almost unopened.


6 thoughts on “Burning at both ends

  1. No need to apologise for not blogging so much – real life gets in the way sometimes, AS IT SHOULD! After all, blogging should be fun and enjoyable and not a chore, and certainly not something that you need to feel guilty about doing or not doing.

    Okay, and I totally understand how tough it is to be a working mum!! It’s HARD. Really hard. As for doing it while your hubby is away for a whole MONTH?! You are superwoman!! Total respect! xx

    Enjoy that well-deserved vodka, won’t you?!

  2. Okay – define … still almost unopened … lol …

    Remember to take a little out for yourself, somehow, somewhere along the line …don’t burn yourself out my friend.

  3. Kelly – I know what you mean. The first week was okay, the second week I’d miss him, the third week I was bl**dy cross he wasn’t around and by the time the fourth week came I was coping by myself quite fine!

  4. The Bl**dy cross bit was a little earlier – only cos I realised it meant a LOT of the festive stuff was about to fall squarely in my basket. Good news we coped – andthe Mr’s declared this the “Best Christmas Ever!” Yay!

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