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So far so good.

I’ve just completed my first full week of work. I have my first payday next week – can I even begin to tell you how exciting that is??

The commute into the city has been very easy so far each morning. The fact I travel in right at the end of peak hour in the morning sure helps. I’m loving the environment I’m working in – people that work very hard but still know how to have a good laugh. I think I’m a good fit into the role and I’m loving the fact I’m just getting stuck into some of the work now. There is still a whole LOT to learn about the job, but it’s definitely a case of so far so good.

I still have a lot to do as well in terms of establishing new routines. Trying to fit the necessities of life such as groceries, after school activities and that ever present To Do item – housework, into the new working week is not happening easily so far. But everyone is adjusting little by little and I’m sure it won’t be long before there are patterns and routines back in place.

One thing that I might have to change a little is my usual Christmas card production. Time might not actually allow me to complete all the Christmas cards that I normally do. However, I’m working through the list and you just never know! But I came across a little help in the form of digi-cards from Becky Higgins yesterday. I think I may well be making use of them in some form! Here’s a link if you too would like a little ease in your Christmas card production: You might have to scroll down – and there are instructions too. Easy-peasy!

We’ve also been enjoying life around the place – and I have a couple of pics to prove it.

web halloween

Halloween – this year we had a dog, a cat, a ninja and a jedi knight – plus a wee princess. She had trouble keeping up – at 18 months it is a little harder! There are also truly hideous pics proving that long, curly yellow hair and I are not really a match made in heaven. It was a last minute attempt at a “queen Bee” costume. It was fun – but not so pretty!! 😆

web picnicA day picnic-ing with friends. I love that my new camera lets me catch so much detail from afar – I loved being able to just watch and snap while they were completely unaware – and so very much in their element. What is really amazing is that this creek heading out to the sea at Paraparaumu didn’t quite so picturesque in real life, but clearly that doesn’t matter when you are 5 or 8 years old and doing stuff that 5 and 8 year old boys do!  (Del – you and I will clearly have to swap pics! 😀 )

web river walk

Taking Angus for a walk by the river

Web boy vs dog

Boy vs. Dog – Angus is waiting for a stone or a stick to fetch. He then runs after it, realises he’s in a little further and takes off for shallower parts.

angus web


web tv

And finally – yes, we saw it! On the TV… but the scrapbooker in me realised that although we weren’t there in person, this was history! So we will know where we were when the All Whites got into the 2010 World Cup. Silly Mummy! 😆


4 thoughts on “So far so good.

  1. I’m so glad to hear that the job is going well, Kelly! I thought of you a few times last week and wondered how you were coping. I bet payday will be VERY exciting!! 🙂 Great photos of all the adventures you and the family have been getting into, thanks for sharing them!

  2. you sound so happy kelly! it’s going to take longer for the family to adjust (well, maybe they won’t coz they’re younger!) – it’s taken most of the year for us, but everyone’s different. i’m so happy for you tho – your enthusiasm leaps right out of this post!!!

  3. As far as the housework and working mother go, there is just one answer – pay someone else to do it! It’s the best thing that we did. Clever you taking an All Whites photo like that! I think you have a great camera (and I thought mine was the best!)

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