Happy stuff

I’m so excited!

There’s a piece of news that is 95%-99% certain – but I’m not actually going to share that with you just yet as that is highly likely to jinx it completely!

But because of this news, Hubby agreed that I could get a little something:

It’s not a full-on SLR but I decided, having admired my friend Liz’ for months and months now, that I’m not really a photographer-photographer. I want a camera that has a lot of features I get to play with, great zoom, will do some things for itself and basically give me crisper pictures than the tough camera I’ve been using. The Mju was always meant to be Hubby’s – to go kayaking and cycling with. But because it had a lot of neat scene settings on it, I had fun using it. I’ve become less and less impressed with some of the photos once printed though as it seemed very susceptible to producing noise. I played with a whole bunch of settings but nothing really seemed to improve it.

Then another friend, Del, lent me her S5 to take some pics. It felt like an SLR, but was smaller. And it took great pics! Great – I couldn’t believe how clever I was – er, the camera was. Well, the s5 has been replaced by the SX10 which in turn is already replaced by the SX20 very recently. Having done a bunch of homework, there are some hiccups in the SX20 which meant a lot of people were preferring the model it replaced. And seeing as there is a significant price differential, I opted for the SX10.

And I did a bunch of homework on that too – Hubby is currently here:

web KL

Has been for almost two weeks in fact. We were hoping that he might find the model I wanted a bit cheaper as electronics are often cheaper in Asia. But alas, not really the case in this case. And after hunting out as much info as I could online to pass on to him, I find I can get quite good deals here. Until finally this morning I clinched the best deal of all! Almost $150 off the RRP. Yay – go me!! Hubs gets to collect it on his way to customs as he makes his way home πŸ™‚

Anyway, that is why I am so excited – I’ll be getting my hands on my very sought after new toy on Saturday. Wooo-hoooo!!

Anyway, all that nonsense and mayhem aside, the last two weeks around the place have been *interesting*.

First two weeks of terms pretty much done. Those two weeks come hand in hand with Term 4 school swimming. Two very, very tired school boys reside in this house at present. It wasn’t helped too much with me getting a touch of tummy bug overnight on Friday/Saturday. It definitely isn’t pleasant, and I had to call in reinforcements to help with the Mr’s. Thank you Donna and Bevan and C and M!!!!

But my tour of solo-duty is pretty much up – Mr 5 has a countdown calendar going so he knows how many sleeps until Daddy is home. Mr 8 has tried very hard to limit the tantrums.

The second car is now warrented again, and I have even started on a couple of large-ish projects I’ve been meaning to get done for a long time now. The Angus-a-fied back lawn has seen some repair work, and hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be rewarded with green, grass-like shoots showing. Likewise, my wardrobe no longer has an excess of very old clothes that were never going to see the light of day on me again. Having Hubs absent for a little while has proved beneficial.

But we are definitely looking forward to Saturday and having him home again.

And it’s NOT just because of the package he’ll have picked up on the way through. Although I am looking forward to that as well. πŸ˜†


7 thoughts on “I’m so excited!

  1. well then … happy playing with your new toy and hubby when he returns – better not be rude … too many eyes might be reading … lol.

    Enjoy your reunion!

    Look forward to you sharing your ‘news’ …

  2. That was rude Mrs F … but it’s okay cos that was what I was thinking too! lol

    The camera looks fantastic and it sounds like you’ve done an impressive amount of homework on it too … well done on the good price, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun taking photos.

    Good luck on the news front …

  3. Lucky you!! Have fun with your new camera and be sure to post the photos here so we can admire your (its) handiwork!
    Good on you for surviving your solo stint … must be so tough, especially when you get sick yourself. Not long to go now and you can take a much deserved break and go shopping or to a movie or something by yourself!

  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kelly! can’t wait to see the fun you’re going to have with it! when does he get back?

    Sue, he’s back on Saturday… wonder if he can charge the camera while on teh flight between Aucks and Welly??!

  5. Certainly does pay to do your homework then. LOL. I’ve been home alone for 2 nights and that was a mission let alone your 2 weeks. You need a medal! LOL

  6. Oh awesome, new cameras rock, and some of these compacts are almost as good as SLR’s these days. Have fun!

  7. Well, Saturday is already here so I hope you have been able to play with your new toy today. I almost like it when hubby isn’t here as we can be a bit more relaxed about everything

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