School Holiday time

I’ve been almost thankful for the rain at the beginning of these holidays. That’s a super rare thing for me to admit. But it gave me and the Mr’s great excuses to not do too much and just hang around the house. Sure it’s been interesting keeping the Mr’s amused, but as life keeps up moving at great pace, it’s been good to just chill out and do very little.

The Mr’s have discovered Moshi Monsters and have had a great time earning Rox, making friend, capturing Moshlings and figuring out puzzles. Strict time limits were put in place for each turn as we all know that giving a centimetre means much more than a kilometre is then expected! And so far the cooped up cabin fever has not shown up in any great way. Yay!

Last Thursday the weather fined up enough to meet with some friends and take part in the annual Spring Festival buggy walk through the Botanic Gardens. Not only are the gardens a great place to go generally, but there is a fantastic playground for kids of all ages. We took a picnic along with us and planned to eat at the playground. Interestingly, we ended up going around the gardens twice. And my legs for sure paid for it the next day – as did my shoulders as the picnic in my backpack got heavier and heavier. The incidental extra distance was due to me not knowing where the best place to park was going to be and ignoring my usual *let’s just see how parking is around the entrance* mantra. I planned this time to try at a car park that would meet up with the cable car – meaning this time we started at the top, to go down to meet the official walk and our friends, only to head up to the top and back down again for the giveaways and then back to the top for the picnic…. whew!

Little legs and voices did start to protest but we made it and considering how much fun we had and how much not-doing-very-much the previous few days, I think it was a good thing for the extra effort in the end. I didn’t take my camera as my bag was already jammed full of picnic stuff, but luckily for me, my friend Del took hers and in all honesty, she’ll have great pics. I’ll be downloading some later this week so will add some then. Seeing as I missed the Tulip Sunday last week for the first time in years (too busy with other stuff!!) I was pleased to see that there were still tonnes of tulips around. They certainly were a little worse for wear thanks to the rough weather in the previous week, but considering that, I was still impressed by the remaining display.


On Saturday I had some time with fellow Stampin Up team members as we had a team day. This turned out to be lots of fun – there was a shoe box swap. Every prepares their swaps and puts everything required into a container. We all take a box to work on, create the project from the box and end up going home with 9 projects that we’ve made ourselves! Great concept.


Donna and I agreed to run a couple of craft sessions for kids at the community centre. Last week it was buttons and all manner of broches, necklaces, rings, flowers and bracelets were created by a group of kids. This week we’re doing puppets on Wednesday – sock puppets, finger puppets, and paper plate puppets. This session is aimed to include slightly younger kids as well so I’m curious as to how many will show up.


Hubby has just got confirmation that he will be going to Malaysia for a couple of weeks worth of work  soon. I’m doing my best to not be all green-jelly. I would love to pack up and head over as well!! I think if he’d been going over longer, I’d definitely arranged for me and the Mr’s to be included!!

And just because I haven’t got any pictures in here yet, here’s one just to pretty things up a bit:




2 thoughts on “School Holiday time

  1. Sounds like you have been keeping busy over the holidays. Must admit that although I have boys a similar age to yours, I don’t know what Moshi Monsters are!! Must educate myself! Sounds like a computer thing? I can kind of relate to the whole “keeping them busy/happy” though … Ethan & Tyler have been playing on the Lego website, as well as with all Tyler’s new birthday Lego … and I am grateful for the way it has kept them occupied! Especially with this horrible weather! Hope the rest of the hols go well for you.

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