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And so it’s Tuesday

Tuesday is my Hump Day. My insanely busy day – after school at least. Two swimming times, travel time, 60 minutes to get home, eat and get back out to pick up Mr 8’s mate and drop off to cubs. It is the one day that I would never usually add something into the mix.

So why on earth did I put something in there for today? Cos I’m mad is the only reason I can think of right now.

Last week I had to take our family car for its WOF. And having pointed out it needed a new bulb for a rear light, the only thing I thought might have been an issue were possibly the tyres.

Now, I have had to go to a place other than my usual mechanic because six months ago, I discovered that W&A had gone bust and they refused to tell me were Barry had gone. That annoyed me becuase he’s a great mechanic, and one that I have trusted over the years to be straight with me.

So I head to another big name place where I know I’m paying more for labour costs but expect a good job. Big mistake.

At this WOF check, not only did they fail to call me as requested should any work other than the known blown bulb need doing, when I did turn up, they had failed the car on about $800 worth of work. Excluding labour. Going through the list, my heart sank…. I was expecting maybe tyres but not all these jobs…. and the list seemed endless. And then they said “seatbelts not retracting.”


Back up!! Did you just say that the seatbelts don’t retract? Yes, he did. Alarm bells start jangling. You mean, these seatbelts here, I questioned as a demonstrated perfectly functioning seatbelts retracting in the front. Well, yeah, those were the ones down here. Well, why don’t they work – when clearly they do…? I questioned. Let me go check, I’m told.

He comes back…… oh, it was the centre belt.

Ok, so you have marked down here that the front seatbelts have failed because they don’t work, but as they do work you really meant it was the centre back belt. The one that we haven’t used at all since the last time you passed it six months ago? What exactly is the issue with it? Um….. it doesn’t work. What doesn’t work? I almost hiss through clenched teeth – all the alarm bells ringing for me. Ummmm…. it doesn’t work. You mean this one that is working very well now? I ask. Yeah – that one – it’s a bit dirty.

By now I’ve had enough. I’ve been pulled up on perfectly working seatbelts plus a whole lot of other expensive jobs that supposedly need doing.

I tell him that I think there is a lot of BS coming from his team and that if any work needs doing, it will not be them receiving payment. And then I drive off to VTNZ. Which I probably should have done in the first place, except I like one-stop shopping.

I discovered that there is a natinal computer system – they knew I’d just failed elsewhere. he wanted to have a chat with me after his check….. He couldn’t find issues and wanted to find out why I had failed 30 minutes prior. He looked at me like I’d grown another head as I told him my perfectly functioning seatbelts and nearly new wiper blades were among some of the failures earlier.

I was still failed. For two nails in a left hand tyre that wasn’t picked up by the last lot, and a funny bulb pattern in my headlight. That was the only thing the two places agreed on. So today I went to a garage to get these things done. It cost me around $50 – including labour – to have them sorted out.

A saving of over $800.

I will never, ever use that first place again. What makes me wild is that if they hadn’t harped on about the seatbelts, I would have trusted them on the rest of the work – I knew no differently.

And my very busy, crazy Tuesday got a little crazier as I had to catch a bus in order to get to and from the new mechanic. But it has been so very worthwhile! I haven’t found Barry yet, but I think this new place is almost as good. Thank goodness for decent human beings!!


9 thoughts on “And so it’s Tuesday

  1. That is absolutely disgusting! And the reason I leave ALL car issues to Rob, I will have NOTHING to do with them – WOFs, any work needed, buying/selling, etc. I will do Regos, insurance and petrol, but that’s ALL. I’ve just heard so many horror stories like yours, and I don’t know enough to be assertive and avoid being taken for a ride – you were SO onto it, questioning them for “dodgy” things listed, and not just taking their word for it – I absolutely applaud you for that!!! GO KELLY!

    P.S. I hope you find Barry!

  2. wow how crazy..go you for complaining…. i think too many of us stay quiet and never pay…. more people must speak up…..

    also hope you find barry….

    ps are you finding e-mails re comments comng to your e-mail… have changed…. and no longer let you reply direct to the person….????

  3. Whoa – okay … where do I start … Barry is missing in action by the sounds of it … you are going to have to play detective at some stage …

    As for the mechanic, money swindler whatever it is he was – stay clear of him and his team – that sucks big time.

    And next time my friend – do this on a Wednesday – ROFL …

  4. wow Kelly thats appalling. I am sorry to hear you had to go through that.

    I am like Hannah Mike does all that stuff and given I dont drive I would be worried if I was doing stuff like that as I wouldnt know a lot. Good on you for going elsewhere, and finding a new mechanic.

    I hope you can find Barry…..

  5. Wow! Go you for sorting it! I’m always suspicious of mechanics!!!!!
    I hope you find Barry too, but if you don’t, you’ve got a good thing going with VTNZ & that garage!
    Plus you’ve got that hump to look forward to!

    Oops that was a bit naughty of me…

  6. Name and shame! But go you for standing up to them – I’m a bit of a woes when it comes to that. Thanks goodness we have our mechanics down at the local that we’ve been going to for the last 10 years

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