Did I say I’d be back???

Well, I tried. Really I did. But techno thingy this and whatsit hoover majiggy that didn’t play nice. I’m amazed I still have some hair left after tearing most of it out. I really, really hate it when your PC starts to muck you about. Turns out an update on a thingy-ma-whosit doesn’t react well with whosywhatsit and OMG you wouldn’t believe how slow my online world was spinning. Truly it was like being switched off. Except with a blank screen that you kept staring at thinking maybe, just maybe closing your eyes and counting to 30 might do the trick this time….. and no.

In the end, after running all sorts of nasty virus checks and system analysis that kept saying everything was A-OK, I stopped believing for a bit. Don’t know what made me think to go to IE and check up on Firefox, but low and behold, I came upon some threads in the support forum and EUREKA……! It was Skype’s fault. Some thingamajiggy whatsit doesn’t like floosit and when upgrading to the next big thing, they hold everything to ransom while we watch a blank screen Having found that, doing what it said to do, my bits and bobs of the online universe are responding well. Meaning it doesn’t take 5 hours to see three letters appear on screen while waiting for the next decade to pass once you finish the end of the sentance.

Hopefully all this means that there will be time in the next century for me to really sit down and blog and not write such a technical piece of writing.

But in the meantime…….


Hubby turned 40 and the world still spins. We had a great time at the twin-bro’s party. Then last weekend, the Mr’s were treated to sleepovers at their respective BFF’s while we scarpered up to Raumati. Nice. Can highly recommend staying at Raumati Sands Apartments.


Hubby plus four mates are mountain biking this weekend in Rotorua and Taupo. I’m sure they must be having a blast because I’ve heard nothing from them! I’m playing solo mum this weekend with an 8 am rugby nursary grade start. Feeling sorry for myself…. just a tad. Find me an IV connection to caffiene and I should come right.


The alternator on the Oma-Mobile went on Tuesday night. I’ve finally got it sorted so that I have a car again. The Oma-mobile desperately needs to be replaced but running on the smell of an oily rag really helps keep it close in our hearts. Sort of. It did hurt a little handing my card over to the mechanic when picking it up tonight. To get me through the last day and a bit, the neighbours have lent me their RAV. It’s an old one but looks kinda cool in my driveway… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! πŸ˜€


SU business is doing OK. I promoted to Senior Associate earlier this month. It’s the first up from baby-beginner, but hey, I apparently get a certificate and a pin. I’m having so much fun doing this stuff.


I need to get more scrapping done. Worked out that I have no reason to procrastinate and so scrapping is still kinda sitting there. Have taken to crochet. OMG!! Almost forgot to tell you, I went to see Handmade Nation last week. Was feeling really decadent as I planned to go during school hours and therefore was going on my own. Go there a little early and someone spotted me….. Beverley! So we got to sit together. It was a great doco – really enjoyed it. Sooooo inspiring. Discovered I’m part of something called “Indie Craft” ….who knew?! So, I’m doing lots and lots of praticing and might have a few items to put together for a stall some point soon.


Okay, gotta go. Mrs Neighbour has just called and apparently there is a vodka and coke waiting for me across the road. Who can say no?!!! But I’m so happy to be able to type and actually see the words appear now that my techno-mojo has sorted my online world out (……… okay, you do know I have no techno skills right??!). And that means it won’t take forever and ever to see my blog buddies nor update here so hopefully I’ll be back much much sooner.


5 thoughts on “Did I say I’d be back???

  1. Glad you’re back. Skype is fine for me, but I got rid of IE8 and reinstalled IE7. I’m also home alone this weekend – and it’s mt wedding anniversary

  2. Sorry you’ve been having computer problems. When I installed Skype over a year ago, I had lots of issues and my computer tech guy said it could have been the reason. I uninstalled it and everything has been fine ever since! It’s obviously not compatible with a few other things that are necessary!!!

    Enjoy the vodka & coke! Sounds like you deserve it, after doing the solo thing for the weekend πŸ˜‰

  3. hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ugh at computer probs……and it sounds like it was the perfect way to end the week with a vodka and coke.

  4. Okay, liking the sound of your neighbour across the road …

    and I tell you what … when the puta isn’t doing it’s thing properly and wotcha-ma-call-its are playing up … not a happy camper either … just want to wave that magic wand and make-it-all-better and pronto!!!

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