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Hey There!


Who stole July? I didn’t realise it had been so long since I last posted and you know, pretty much a whole month went by. And you know what? This post isn’t even going to start covering it!! So that means I have some more photos to pop up on here – which I will do. But tomorrow. Or tonight. Or, you know, some time soon. They just got downloaded on the PC so a little decision making and they’ll be good to go. There’ll be some circus highlights, some fireworks, some beach shots and a birthday. Because that was our July. It pretty much all happened during the school holidays and I have a feeling that’s how July happened. School Holidays. Need I say more??

So why did I pop on here today anyway if I wasn’t doing a what have we been up to post? Well, my SU blog is so new that a blog candy giveaway has almost gone unnoticed. So, I thought, why not make sure my lovely regular blog pals all have a chance. Just pop on over to here and leave a comment as to what the notebook might be used for and I’ll include you guys in the random draw. I’m going to close it tomorrow night – so head on over and leave your mark 😀 I’m happy to post anywhere in the world, so don’t be shy.

And in a very sweeping general thing, life is doing pretty well in general. We’re back at school/work/play routines. Hubby has his 40th on Friday (Tomorrow..!!) and is slightly bemused by the fact middle age is right there! The sun is coming out more often to play – we won’t talk about the wet and windy days in between. It’s really beginning to feel like the end of winter is just around the corner. I’ve even started Spring Cleaning. In small doses. No need to get carried away now, is there?? 😆

Right, now I have to head to the school library to get some books processed and out on the shelves – so catch you again soon.



5 thoughts on “Hey There!

  1. My hubbies birthday is tomorrow too, and snap I have started spring cleaning too…in small amounts is the BEST way to tackle it.

  2. I know, I can’t believe it is already August … I am sooooooo full of anticipation and excitement for things that are coming up … namely spring, then summer, and of course Christmas and holidays! They feel close enough to be “real” now, for some reason. It was a cold couple of months in May and June, and then July just whizzed past, which is usually never does 😉

    Happy 40th Birthday to your hubby for tomorrow 🙂

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