Rainy Saturday

Ok, so it’s been a while. Again! Half the problem lately is I think of a really awesome thing I want to post about then real life gets in the way, and before you know it, a week has gone by. Plus often there might be a photo that I plan on putting on as well, and guess what? It’s still on the camera! Yep, that would be the main way life is at the moment. Stuff and things just happening. Getting recorded in part and then carrying right on.

So some highlights, and a few lowlights of days just past.


Last Friday night I graduated! Woooohoooooo!! It was a small ceremony at the Turnball Library in town with maybe a dozen or so other graduates as well. A short and sweet set of speeches then we were called upon to receive our certificates. Hubby and I decided to take the Mr’s along – the function was scheduled to conclude around 7.15 so not too late a night for them. They were the only children there – I thinking I might have been the only SAHM that was graduating. At least there on the night. They were very well behaved – several people remarked on it at the end so it must be true!! LOL Hubby and I thought it was important to see the “End result” of my study seeing as they lived through some of the …ahhhh….*moments*. Particularly around exam time 😉

Mr 7 wanted to take some photos so I brought along the second camera. It was quite interesting as I was seated among the other graduates and away from the family. Mr 7 was snapping away and actually got some quite good shots. Of me listening to the speeches, of the VIPs…. of him, his nose, his shoes….. But I thought it was really interesting how he captured his perspective of the event. Very cool.

Both his and the hubby’s photos are still on the camera.


This week was a roller-coaster. On Monday I was called to see if I would be interested in a local part-time position that had come up. It was a temp role – to cover for sick leave. Yes Please! was my reaction. An interview on Tuesday, a phone call on Thursday morning and a quick meeting with the organisation that same day. I was convinced I had the job. Began making potential plans for the school holidays etc etc. You know the story – counting chickens even though they are small. Got the call on Friday morning. The organisation really liked me…. BUT. But…. so yes, there was the lowlight of the week. It would have been awesome to just to get my foot in the door, but for now it’s not to be. Apparently I’m a good fit and if it had been a permanent job it would have been a different story. I guess I’m hoping for a permanent job to come up then!! 😆

I’d forgotten how the roller-coaster ride of job-hunting goes. Still, I’m lucky enough to be able to wait and keep going until the *Perfect* job comes up. One door opening and closing and all that jazz.


Rugby was on and off this morning. On for Mr 5 who has nursary grade indoors in the “Pit”, off for Mr 7 who was across the road just 15 minutes after Mr 5’s start time. We decided to all head out and go to Mr 5’s game and by then we would know if the other junior games were cancelled or not. There is also a Mitre 10 Mega right across the road from the club rooms – a great way to get a caffiene hit and a wake-up call after Nursary grade is done and dusted. Oh, yes, I have ulterior motives!!! We were a bit confused as the playground had been moved. Although the move was a good one as it meant mum and dad could sit with a cup of coffee and a bagel while the Mr’s lept around the playground.

And then we got poured upon returning to the car! Oh the joys of the great Wellington Southerly!!!!!


My dad is arriving for a few days. He arrives (presumably!) at 4.45 this afternoon. We are doing the usual thing – waiting til the last moment before getting his room organised. This should be interesting as we no longer have a spare bed as such. More like a bed in the boys “playroom”. Wonder if we will find him playing Playstation in the middle of the night??!



6 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday

  1. mmmmm job hunting it is a tricky business… hang in there a job is out there for you…. know what you mean about the showers on the way to the car….. we got SOAKED today….. grrrrrr

  2. Bummer about the job ups and downs … the right job is out there … somewhere! I like the idea of quick access to coffee after Sat morning sport do you squeeze in a scrapbook supplies shop too? Enjoy your Dad visiting … I’m sure he’ll love spending the late night hours on the playstation!

  3. Pity about the job – keep looking. I agree about taking the boys to your graduation ceremony – it’s important in your lief therefore in theirs too. Lucky you – our soccer at 9am at Rongotai (and the fields are just off Lyall Bay Parade) was not cancelled!

  4. woo hoo – congratulations on your recent graduation !!! Awesome!!!

    I’m thinking that you are going to have to put together a wee album incorporating DS’s shots as well … telling it the way it is!!!

  5. Congrats on the graduation, cool that you took the boys cos they were there for the journey as well. Proud moment for them too I bet. Waves to your dad, hope he enjoys his stay. Sorry to hear about the job, on the bright side you can do catch ups with us…

  6. HUGE congratulations on your graduation – that is such a special day, I have great memories of mine. I am looking forward to seeing your photos! Great idea to take the boys with you, it’s good for them to see the “reward” at the end of your hard work, and of course I’m sure they were very proud of their Mum.
    Sorry to hear about the job 😦 I hope that a really great permanent position comes up for you really soon!

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