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Cross Country Fever

About 10 days or thereabouts ago, the Mr’s school ran their cross-country races. As I made mention, Mr 7 was just thrilled as he came in 5th in his race. All his training with pal L during the lunch times paid off. Certainly the “Cotton Wristband” { = sweatband!} lent to him was apparently a key ingredient to his success. And as I made mention, although I had all the saintly motherly intentions of seeing him place so well, the actual announcement that the racing was going to happen on the Wednesday conflicted with other chores that needed to get done. I guess there goes my only hope of Sainthood!

In my absence, D took some great pictures for me – I have her to thank for not only the snaps of Mr 7 on the day, but also for the camera envy now I have. I’m saving now!! LOL Anyway, so I didn’t clog her stick up with images of my Mr’s I whipped it down to Harvey Norman’s for a quick print job. {As an aside, it was while we were waiting for the print job that the Mr’s and I discovered Wii. We want it!!}

This morning I raced round like a mad thing getting some housework done and out of the way. I wanted to create something. Anything. I’m motivated to get on and create, but not so motivated to leave the warm environs of the lounge and the heater in the evenings. So, I’m making it a mission to spend some time during the school week to get some of these projects sorted. Yesterday it was attacking the hall cupboard and reorganising that. Today, it was creating a few pages and cards! I really do know which I prefer to do, but there was I have to say, a sense of satisfaction at seeing the newly created floor space in that cupboard. But creating pages is just that little bit more fun!


One of the things I’m loving about this page, is not only that I can kid myself about being current because these are recent photos – but they are scrapped with entirely old – really old! – stash. I’m stash busting too. Man, I am just too clever!! πŸ˜†

6 thoughts on “Cross Country Fever

  1. Well sounds like all that training did indeed pay off. Good on you for using up some of your old stash too. Well done on attacking the hall cupboard.

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