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So it’s about time!!

Time I posted something on here again I say! Can anyone believe it is June already?? This really has got to be the fastest every year to date!!

So, I’ve been busy in real life – um, that really does sound like a theme for life right now doesn’t it??! Since making the decision to become an SU demo, I’ve been almost attached to the phone to Keryn asking this, that and the other thing. I’ve promised her family it will get better!! I had a wee moment of panic as the starter kit was delayed in Auckland thanks to a broken Courier Post label machine…… the fact it already has an address label on it didn’t seem to be a good enough reason to just continue the journey ….sheesh!

So workshop preparation was a little anxious for a while – I did however work out what I was going to be able to demonstrate instead and put together the samples while Keryn was coaching me through the various points of doing a presentation. The actual “First Workshop” was on Thursday night, and I would have to say, proved to be happily successful.Β  That is based on the sales, the bookings and the total raucous laughter that ensued throughout. The laughter I think was not at the samples or the demonstration itself, but a reflection on the fun ladies that attended. Awesome time.

So now I have that wee milestone under my belt and am looking forward to that being finalised and onwards and upwards.


It was school photos yesterday. The Mr’s were turned out in their *Good* clothes – a smart shirt and new jeans. Hair was brushed and pushed around so it was Just So. Mr 5’s class was the first one up and it was done right at the start of school time. As I made a last minute decision to get a sibling shot as well, I was still hanging around. Mrs E spotted me and said, come over and watch. So I did. Man. School photos are still done exactly – EXACTLY – as they were when I was a kid. Lined up in height order, pushed quickly into place by the photographer. The benches even looked the same. Apparently the firm doing the school photos round here are the same ones that have been doing the school pic since the ’50s. Scary – but kinda cool!! It’s the son doing the task now. Oh, and Mr 5 is in almost the same spot I used to be put into – one of the middle rows, at the end.


I realised the other day that as the year is speeding by I really haven’t been getting through those crafty projects I have all waiting for attention. I’m hoping that I might be able to rectify that at some point this week. Time will tell. One thing I did get a 20 minute spot to do though was make a card for a friend. Specifically it was because she is one of my first hostesses. But really, it’s because of all the little things she does – mostly listening to my at times incessent chatter! – and well, because it was fun to do something right now:


And it was fun to use the latest Mojo Monday card sketch from Julee. I so love her sketches and with all the cards I need to make over the next month (so many birthdays, babies, stuff coming up!!), I think I’ll be using several of these sketches.

Oh, and because I wanted to be a bit clever, I even decorated the inside of the card:



OH! The new neighbour baby: it’s a boy, Arthur is his name. And he’s sooooo cute! A was in hospital just the one night – I’m always amazed at this, especially for first time mums. Only because I am such a wuss and quite enjoy the *holiday* hospital stays entail!! πŸ˜†



9 thoughts on “So it’s about time!!

  1. You were fantastic Kells !!!! You did really well and can be very proud of yourself.

    And yes, the laughter wasn’t at you or your demonstrating.

    We all had a great time, and I will book another party in a couple of months.

  2. Glad to hear the demo went well! I’m sure it will get easier each time πŸ™‚

    Oh, the school photos … but do they still have those “boards” that they pushed the plastic letters into to spell the teacher’s name? I remember those!

  3. sounds like you had a ball Kelly. Had a wee laugh at the school photos and how they are the same. Aww well some thing never change. NIce cards.

  4. I’m glad the demo went well πŸ™‚

    As for hospital stays – I never can sleep properly there πŸ˜‰ Too noisy. So unless you have a private room it’s possibly better at home all other things being equal (e.g. baby doing good, feeding going well blah blah).

  5. Gotta love Julee’s sketches….she’s absolutely the best out there!

    lol @ school photos, I remember those days – I usually had to sit in front cos I’m so short. It’s cool that through the generations the photos look pretty much the same I reckon.

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