Baby, it’s cold!

I quite agree with that quote wherever I’ve undoubtably misquoted it from! We seem to have dried out a little from the rain over the last couple of weeks and after a day or two of calm, settled but grey days, it looks like the hats and gloves are going to be needed for the long weekend. Yikes!

As usual, we’ve been busy busy. Cross country was finally held yesterday having been postponed from last Friday. It was Mr 8’s third time running and he is over the moon at beating his placing from last year by 11 places. He came in fifth. Mr 5 ran his first cross country and came a respectable 11th – about midway in the 5 year old boys race.

Both are very, very happy with their results.

I’ve succombed to a cold-like-thing where I’ve had a cough since the beginning of the month, thought I was shaking it off, it developing into a proper cold-thing, shaking that off and now the cough is back. Annoying! I actually feel fine, but my trusty neighbour up the road says I look flushed and she was almost on the phone to the Dr’s. I grabbed the phone and said I’d wait and see – it really doesn’t feel bad. Although I have no voice as of today – which the Mr’s think is highly amusing!

I’ve also been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my Stampin Up starter box…. I have 3 workshops already booked with another possible two lurking out there. So exciting!! And until the box of goodies actually gets here, I get to troll the web for ideas and read TONNES of information to keep me all inspired. Funnily enough, that’s all keeping me busy and out of harm’s way.

I just heard another courier van pull up – but not outside my door. I have a neighbour that is / was pregnant and due very soon. I’m beginning to suspect with the couple of flowers drop offs and the comings and goings of other cars that she might have had baby. I say *I Suspect* because this young couple are nice enough but do keep to themselves and I rarely actually see them in person. I can just imagine me bowling over with a plate of freshly baked muffins and saying “Congratulations” only to find the baby isn’t here yet and it was just a birthday of one of them or something equally ordinary!! 😆 So here is Secret Confession #226: I’m a some-time curtain twitcher!!!! 😆 I’ll keep you all informed as to the appearance or not of said bubs!! LOL

In the meantime, it’s jolly cold up here in the study, so I’m going to take off for the warmer living room. Swap the keyboard for folding duties. Not nearly as much fun but perhaps a little more needed.

Keep warm!!


9 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold!

  1. it’s cold alright… we can see a little snow on the rimutakas….. brrrrr

    as for peeping out of the curtains…. would call you MRS MANGEL from neighbours but I do it too!!!!!! love to KNOW what is going on!!!!

    hope the parcel comes soon

  2. Well done to your Misters on their race results!
    LOL at the secrecy next door … just listen extra hard through an open window during the small wee hours, and you might be able to deduce if there is indeed a new occupant!!! LOL 😀

  3. Me too!! Just waiting for that starter Kit to arrive, maybe tomorrow. im not as organized as you I havent got any parties booked or anything just been looking through the SU website and making plans. Good Luck

  4. You’re so funny … who would have thought you’d be the neighbour with your nose to the window … aren’t you too busy for that? Your kids had a way different cross country experience than mine … Rebekah came in last … she walked the whole way in protest for having to do it, Jessianna decided to make a mud slide out of the hill and got covered head to toe and Alexander convinced his teacher that he shouldn’t do it at all because he was sick the day before and he wouldn’t want to throw up on the course while running.

  5. Quite chilly this side of the ditch, too!
    Feral Beast has requested a pair of thermo ski boots, not for going skiing but just for everyday stuff coz his feet are like ice! lol

  6. We popped up the hills a bit because they said there was snow…. well, there was a dusting! Still, we got out at the summit and threw a bit around. I wish I had thermal socks on after doing that!!

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