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Convention Waikanae

What a beautiful weekend we had weatherwise here in Wellington. And it was just as lovely a little further north along the Kapiti coast and specifically in Waikanae. Just right for a convention.


You see, the wee plot we had going was to bring Convention to our Stampin’ Up friend, Keryn. Having set the date for our girly weekend away, and then finding out that Keryn had decided not to attend the Australian convention which just happened to be on the same dates as our weekend, Donna came up with the idea to bring convention to Keryn. Vicky and I thought it was a brilliant idea and between the three of us, we concocted plans to ensure the things that conventions are known for were very much part of Convention Waikanae.

Namely, the goodie bag:


Sewn and stamped by Vicky and myself, with all sorts of goodies to be found inside. Things like this cute wee shoe from Donna

Donnas Shoe
Donna's Shoe

and bath salts, gift boxes with chocolates, a mini-album etc. All good things to find.


The result was brilliant: Keryn was almost speechless. For those that know Keryn, you’ll agree this is quite an achievement 😛



During the course of the weekend, we all took turns at presenting our Make’N’Takes – just like convention classes. ETA: The individual images aren’t on my camera so watch for these to be added later – they are really cool!

A friend of Donna’s, Sally, who wasn’t even attending but thought it was a great idea and sent along a little challenge pack. Included was a bunch of sketches and I used one to inspire me to do a quick card for my mum.


Local girl, Jackie, was also able to pop in as a day-attendee and brought with her lots of sunshine in the form of bunches of Yellow Chrysanthemums. Plus we also had a convention dinner organised – the ritual visit to Cobb & Co in Paraparaumu. Fantastic!

There was also plenty of time for free time and we were all very productive. This is the end result of our combined efforts.


One thing I didn’t get to bring home was a wee card I’d made for Keryn as it is her birthday today. Keryn isn’t really a girly-girl – all pink and frilly. But I had a lot of fun making this card for her – right in front of her! – while she had no idea she was the intended recipient. It was handed over at the end of the weekend and she was thrilled to get it. Sometimes even the most non-girly-girls deserve pink frills and flowers!


Why don’t you pop over to the birthday girl’s blog and wish her a Happy Birthday too.

6 thoughts on “Convention Waikanae

  1. Looks like a great time Kel! So glad you got the creative mojo going, we might have to take a drive out to that Cobb and Co sometime to check it out!

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